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To Owners, CEOs, Executives and Managers who want sure reliability, maintenance and operational excellence success

Profit from expert Partners who quickly put best strategy & practices of reliability, maintenance and operational excellence into your company

"Your LRS Partner puts a world class system into your company, with the processes, practices and thinking that safely and most quickly gets you outstanding reliability, operational excellence and least operating costs."

World-wide locations of LRS Independent Plant Wellness Way Consultants

Lifetime Reliability Solutions Global Network: Licensed LRS Global Maintenance and Operational Excellence Consultants and Industrial Maintenance Trainers.

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Dear Owners, CEOs, Executives and Managers,

Whether you want world class production, or simply more operating profits, partnering with experts who can do that for you most quickly is truly smart business.

Fundamentally, our job is to improve your engineering, operational and maintenance processes so your business runs brilliantly, well beyond what you thought was possible, and prove it to you within a year. You'll see lasting success within twelve months from less capital expenditure, lower maintenance costs, more saleable production, far more uptime and utilization, and a surge in operating profits that persist into the future.

You can get these new operating profits because we rapidly improve the robustness and reliability of your business processes. We make them move faster, for lower cost, error-proofed and anti-fragile. As your processes improve you get a permanent lift in your operating plant and equipment reliability and business productivity. This reliability growth across your business and in your production plant and equipment spins-off more operating profits within 12 months and forever after.

Your LRS partner focuses on making your business, capital projects, maintenance and operational processes work highly efficiently and effectively so they deliver you lasting world class production success. As your productivity, safety and quality improves you make savings from lower insurance premiums, reduced overdrafts, less salaries and wages, lower plant operating costs and equipment maintenance costs, and decreased warranty claims. They share and teach you and your people their proprietary world class knowledge and secrets for rapid, successful process improvement that gets outstanding productivity.

You get these massive benefits rapidly because your LRS Consultant makes them happen by using powerful analysis techniques to identify the best reliability creation opportunities and show your people how to drive plant and equipment reliability growth. The surge in production improvement and business process productivity you get pays for your consultant's expertise, specialist knowledge and proprietary solutions thousands, even tens of thousands, of times over. You make an astounding return on investment.

Partnering with your local LRS Consultant works because they show you how to design and build business-wide, life-cycle long, holistic reliability-creating processes that increase your production uptime and throughput. They work with you to create the simplest, least-cost 'system-of-reliability' that delivers world class maintenance, reliability and operational success from your existing business assets.


Reliability is most simply defined as 'the chance of success'. When your business is a 'system-of-reliability' it uses the best methods and practices that optimize your production performance. With a 'system-of-reliability' you use the optimal ways to make the most operating profit and engineer them into your business processes—literally, you build a business system designed for utmost production success. You'll create a stable system that operates across decades and throughout your company focusing everyone's efforts on world class productivity. This is the way you will achieve outstanding, lasting reliability and guarantee higher monthly operating profits from your company.

As a 'system-of-reliability' there are no limits on your company getting best practice maintenance and operation that delivers sure reliability and production success. Your day-to-day struggles disappear in just a few months when you use reliability creating processes that get you the highest uptime, record-breaking production performance and least maintenance costs. These results are the natural outcome when your company becomes a 'system-of-reliability'.

Use your LRS Consultant to change to a 'system-of-reliability', where lasting success comes from taking a company-wide, lifetime long, holistic view of your problems. They'll use life-cycle and system-wide solutions to fix the causes of your reliability, maintenance and operational problems; not point solutions that just address the symptoms. You'll get lasting, effective system-wide answers that continually improve your operational results year after year.


You can now partner with nearby experts and specialists who know how to solve your reliability, maintenance and operational problems. More than that, they know how to get you reliability, maintenance and operational excellence results. The LRS Consultant Network is built of world class engineers comprising a mix of design, reliability, maintenance and operations specialists. You get a world of professional and business expertise working on improving your company's performance. Because of their expertise and Network contacts they spend less time in your company than lesser capable people, and that means you get problems solved faster, and more reliable plant and equipment for less cost than using big consultancies.

By partnering with a LRS Consultant you bring into your company smart business people who think and act as smart business people do. They actively look for new ways to safely cut your costs, new ways to quickly improve productivity, new ways to safely save you money and make more profits. From them you only get smart answers for the outstanding production plant and equipment reliability and low maintenance costs you need for operational excellence results. Most importantly, you now have the right people to make your company become that good so it always generates world class performance and operating profits.

Here is an example of how your LRS Partner spots where to focus your efforts to make your operation most successful, most quickly, with a brilliant return on investment.

This powerful chance of Uptime analysis on your operation lets you quickly identify which operating processes need to be improved. Once you have the historic data it takes two to four hours to do this probability analysis. It's one of the most profitable morning's work your Partner can ever do for your company.

The downtime outage run chart and uptime frequency distribution curve cover ten years of operation in a real process plant (we've disguised the dates and company). The business is profitable, but losing a lot of extra operating profits that would be banked if they had high uptime (worth several million dollars a year to this company). See how using the frequency distribution curve turns the splatter of events in the run chart into a clear message about this company's chance of uptime success. The shape of the uptime frequency distribution curve tells you a lot about why this operation is suffering from high maintenance costs and poor availability.

Frequency Distribution of Uptime in an industrial operation

The clustering of results along a definable downward curve tells us there is a destructive process at work in this company. This company has an in-built outage-causing process, surely unintentionally introduced, that produces these poor Uptime results. The early failure peak is an indicator of poor business process quality control—there are lots of defects sitting in their business waiting for the chance to go wrong. The negative slope of the curve means their current designed and intended processes can never get them to the production performance they want, which is 60 days uninterrupted production Uptime between outages. That's happened only 5 times in ten years. Those 5 successes were all down to luck. You know that since the 60-day Uptime events are clearly unrepeatable, meaning those outcomes are random events. The only sure thing in this business is that Uptime has a very great chance of being less than 20 days, some chance of being up to 30 days, and almost no chance of being the 60 days the company wants.

The maintenance and operational processes they use can only deliver the current Uptime results you see in the plots. Remember, this is ten years of real production data—this performance is what they actually get from their business. Until they change to reliability creation processes that guarantee the success they want, their future operating performance and losses will be the same as the past.

If this was your company your LRS Partner would design and build business-wide, life-cycle long, holistic reliability creating processes that moved the production Uptime chance curve to a high certainty of getting 60 days. You would have the simplest, least-cost 'system-of-reliability' that gets the world class maintenance, reliability and operational excellence success you want from your business. With such change comes commensurate increased operating profits and new competitive successes. It would make you an astounding return on investment.

Selecting how to get the most success for you and your company, in the quickest way, for the least cost and effort is how your LRS Partner brings new and great fortunes to your business.

Your partner will organise and do everything that needs to be done to bring into your company the best strategies and practices to get outstanding reliability and least operating costs. They will change your processes to get the best solutions, methods and thinking into your business. It's where their expertise pays off hugely for you and your company. Partnering with experts is the proven, fast way to make your operation highly successful, get more uptime and lower operating costs. LRS Consultants are experts in the strategies and methods that most quickly increase operating profits.

Your LRS Consultant Partner is licensed by us. Their capability is vetted before we offer them a license to use our proprietary productivity solutions and best practice training. They work as single, expert consultants or micro businesses of world class specialists. They do not have the huge overheads of a big consultancy. The result is you are charged far less for their time, yet you get highly skilled expertise that knows how to get reliability, maintenance and operational excellence success.

Each LRS Consultant has access to everyone else in the LRS Global Network. An expert in electrical plant maintenance is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (He is also an expert in industrial plant energy efficiency). An expert in downstream corrosion control is in Greer, South Caroline, USA. An expert in electronic component reliability lives in Guangdong, China. You will find a manufacturing plant maintenance specialist in Stockholm, Sweden; a process plant maintenance specialist in Perth, Western Australia (he's also expert in shutdown and maintenance planning and scheduling); and a ore mining maintenance specialist in Terenure, South Africa; as well as other industry specialists in a range of locations around the Globe. Your LRS Consultant will find the best solutions for your problems because they either will already know the answer, or know the best people to ask. While you're asleep in bed at night somewhere around the world your problems are being solved and your business is being improved.

You get another amazing benefit that no other consultancy model gives you. Your local LRS Consultant puts your company at their top-of-mind. Your business success is vital to their own success. It means your company comes first in their business lives. They are not like employees who work for you for a shift to get paid, but care little more about your business. Your LRS Consultant wants you to succeed and is ready to help you 24/7, year round, with a smile on their face.

When you want the utmost uptime, throughput and productivity at least operating and maintenance costs—get your local LRS expert in to build reliability-creating and maintenance excellence processes designed and run to give you the utmost uptime, throughput and productivity at least costs. Now you have a real answer to getting a successful industrial operation with world class maintenance, reliability and operational excellence. Outstanding plant uptime and equipment reliability is no longer a matter of chance and luck—your LRS Consultant will design and build a 'system-of-reliability' into your company so outstanding success is normal for you.

The exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) you receive comes from your business' new capability to:

  1. Measure the important factors that really drive successful reliability, maintenance and operational performance
  2. Make work error-free and defect-free so only right-first-time quality is achieved
  3. Eliminate 9 out of 10 of your equipment breakdowns
  4. Keep your plant and equipment always operating at 100% capacity during scheduled production
  5. Deliver record high Plant Availability and Uptime never seen before in your operation
  6. Get your production plant processes totally in statistical control and 100% capable all the time
  7. Improve your workplace safety results to world class safety performance
  8. Drive maintenance costs down rapidly to world class ratios
  9. Eradicate your production waste, quality losses and scrapped work
  10. Produce the lowest unit cost of production possible from your operation
  11. Sustain lasting world class maintenance and reliability performance

Putting world class maintenance and reliability into your company so you get to operational excellence results is what your LRS Consultant will do for you. They are your partners in world class reliability and maintenance excellence performance.

Feel free to contact your nearest licensed LRS Consultant and ask for a meeting to discuss your questions. Just click on the world map to find their contact details.

All the very best to you and your company's future,

Mike Sondalini
Lifetime Reliability Solutions Global

A full range of Industry Consultants, Operations Consulting & Asset Maintenance Consulting Services for Reliability Success

You can more information on using our world class operations consulting, asset maintenance consultant, and process and equipment reliability solutions by following the links in the individual industrial plant reliability and maintenance consultant services listed below.

Industrial Asset Management & Maintenance Consultants for outstanding reliability
  • Industry Maintenance Consultant Services to help you set-up best practice maintenance processes, install precision maintenance skills and build a truly useful CMMS in your operation. Our years of practical, hands-on expertise and insights will save you a great amount of time and money.
  • Enterprise Asset Management Consultant Services integrates operational, maintenance and asset management strategies and methods into a business-wide, life cycle solution.
  • Maintenance Management and Maintenance Audits shows you where to make changes in your maintenance strategy and maintenance practices to surely lift your maintenance performance and maintenance results.
  • Better than Reliability Centered Maintenance RCM. Read this PDF document about a far less expensive method than RCM. A Physics of Failure Analysis quickly arrives at the ideal asset maintenance management strategy, process improvements and best practices for your business.
  • Machinery Precision Maintenance Consultant for equipment failure prevention and defect elimination using precision maintenance work skills that produce outstandingly reliable machinery and mechanical equipment.
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Refinery Consultants who maximize petrochemical and petroleum refinery reliability with materials assurance surveys that stop your process plant materials and equipment failures.

Process Improvement Consultant & Operations Consultants for production success
  • Operational Excellence Consultants who change your company into a world class operational and production performer so you can release the FORTUNE long hidden in your business.
  • Lean Manufacturing Consultants that increase production throughput and lower operational costs by using Lean tools and methodologies that gets the most value from your manufacturing processes.
  • Lean Consultant Services for industrial operations who want a simple, quick, lasting transition to effective and efficient Lean methods, practices and tools.
  • Business Process Improvement Consultants with the Enterprise Wellness Way to identify the business process improvement opportunities you have to create new and sustained competitive advantage.
  • Wind Energy Development Consultants who make sure your wind energy development review and wind energy project risk abatement goes from market identification to wind turbine reliability and maintenance.

ISO 9001 Consultants of quality systems of world class industrial operations
  • ISO 9001 Consultant Services to build you a best practice ISO 9001 compliant quality management system ready for ISO 9001 2008 certification. We are quick, smart, and make sure you have a streamlined system just right for your needs and nothing more.
  • ISO 9001 Audit Service shows you how to improve your quality system performance to gain or retain ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • ISO 9001 Consultants who build your business documentation into a powerful and successful business improvement system that drives high productivity.

Gold Miner lifts Availability 8% and gains 29 production days a year with Plant Wellness Way solutions

"In June 2011 Lifetime Reliability Solutions introduced the Plant Wellness Way methodology to the Barrrick Darlot gold mine here in Western Australia. In the following months we used the new solutions to lift processing plant Uptime from 87% to 95%."

Michael Jones
Darlot Maintenance Planner

5 Ways to Start Your Maintenance and Reliability Success

1) DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF BOOKLET FOR EXECUTIVES AND SENIOR MANAGERS on key physical asset management and reliability concepts you need to know about to improve your business processes by clicking the link in the blue panel below. You get new insights, simple answers and easy to use methods for small, medium and large industrial businesses who want Operations and Maintenance Excellence results.

Download the most Successful Industrial Operations, Maintenance and Reliability Success Strategies to Use

See how industrial company CEO's, Executives and Managers can improve their company's maintenance and operating processes and get world class asset management performance.

Read Enterprise Asset Management Success for CEO's, Executives and Managers and learn of the reliability improvement strategies that create a business system for maximum success. (2.5 MB PDF document)

2) GET THE FREE PLANT WELLNESS WAY PDF BOOK introducing the simple 6-step IONICS methodology you use to get outstanding reliability and production success in industrial operations. Click this link and request a free PDF Plant and Equipment Wellness book. This book has the foundation knowledge to use in any industrial operation and business for identifying correct strategy and developing a properly targeted business design to create world class reliability and get Operational Excellence results.

3) SEE THE FREE ONLINE PLANT WELLNESS WAY TRAINING VIDEOS and discover how we design and build your enterprise so it is destined for reliability, maintenance and operational excellence success. You get full access to all the vital concepts and methods of the Plant Wellness Way (PWW) system-of-reliability—just click the link in the orange panel below.

Free Plant Wellness Way 'Change the Game' for high Reliability and Operational Excellence training videos

Learn to 'Change the Game' of enterprise asset management, maintenance and operational excellence with 14 hours of free training in the Plant Wellness Way methodology.

Click the link to complete the form at request to see the Plant Wellness Way videos.

4) DOWNLOAD A FREE SPREAD SHEET WITH ISO 55001 MAPPED TO PLANT WELLNESS WAY showing you the appropriate slides and concepts from our 3-day Plant Wellness Way training course presentation to use in satisfying the clauses of the ISO 55001 asset management standard.

Simply click the link below and you go to the webpage where you download a free copy of the mapping spread sheet and free PDF versions of the Plant Wellness Way training course slides.

Free spread sheet of ISO 55001 mapped to Plant Wellness Way training course slides

5) ADOPT THE PLANT WELLNESS WAY TO RELIABILITY AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE and make world class production performance, high productivity and outstanding operating profits each month a normal result in your company.

You gain four great advantages when you adopt the Plant Wellness Way to Maintenance, Reliability, and Operational Excellence.

  • Your company gets to Reliability and Maintenance Excellence performance much faster—the PWW methodology is designed to get you there in months, not years. Starting from where you are today, you redesign your processes in weeks and install world class solutions in months.
  • It focuses your efforts into planning and installing the simplest and most successful maintenance and operational excellence solutions for your company. You use specially developed operating risk abatement tools to create a business built for maximum success, productivity and operating profits, using the resources you have today, without putting the business in danger.
  • The PWW process improvement methodology lets you model and prove that your solutions work before you use them. You apply probabilistic stresses to test what causes a process to fail and how best to make it robust and anti-fragile.
  • You work through a holistic strategy that insures operational, reliability and maintenance excellence is the only way that your business can operate. Your company only uses business-wide and life-cycle long solutions built to prevent operational losses and deliver maximum operational success.

Endless Operational Excellence the Plant Wellness Way

The Plant Wellness Way combines the right enterprise asset management and business process optimization into either a ISO 9001 or ACE 3T quality system. We work with you and your people to redesign your operational and business processes and put Operational Excellence into every department. Every task and practise in your company becomes world class so you can produce world class operational performance.

When your company uses the Plant Wellness Way system-of-reliability you break the cycle of operational troubles, problems and failures and replace them with lifecycle business processes built to get lasting reliability, maintenance and operational excellence results. Your company is designed and rebuilt to successfully drive your unit cost of production down to levels that give you massive competitive advantage.

When you ask us to help you become a world class operation, instead of wasting your time and money trying to get you to become Lean, we start by identifying what needs to be done to your business processes so you get maximium success with what you already have. You are taught to use the reliability strategies that get you the best plant uptime and equipment utilization. You are shown how to immediately add powerful work quality assurance techniques to reduce human error rates by up to 10,000%. You learn how to intentionally make your company processes so robust and anti-fragile that you create a business-wide, lifecycle-long, system-of-reliability for sure Operational Excellence success.

The Plant Wellness Way powers companies to world class maintenance, maximum productivity and least operating costs with a system-of-reliability that:

  • Gets your plant and equipment operating trouble-free and highly reliable.
  • Stops machines failing so they keep running and producing at best performance.
  • Turns your business into a lifecycle system built for Operational Excellence success.
  • Lets you run your operation systematically, with right-first-time production ticking over like clockwork.
  • Measures operational risk and probability of success so you pick your best business options.
  • Applies the science-of-failure so your equipment works within the limits of its material physics.
  • Removes the tens-of-thousands of lifecycle failure causes waiting to be triggered in your business.
  • Turns your operating losses into operating profits by preventing failures, wastes and excesses.

With the Plant Wellness Way system-of-reliability you use powerful business risk abatement tools in a simple methodology that gets you all the right answers to Operational Excellence success.

The Plant and Equipment Wellness system-of-reliability can be used to power all other operational excellence, enterprise asset management and quality system frameworks. If you use PAS 55 Asset Management, ISO 55000 Asset Management, ISO 20815 Production assurance and reliability management, an ISO 9001 quality system, or any other quality system framework, the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way works with all of them. It becomes the powerhouse that drives the system-of-reliability improvements you need to reach world class Operational Excellence performance.

Your operation generates more operating profits, higher productivity, and hundreds (even thousands) of percent ROI with the Plant Wellness Way. It is because your new, best-practise reliability and maintenance solutions quickly stop your production, maintenance and reliability problems.

Talk to us about exactly how to get new, lasting Operational Excellence success and high operating profit margins for your company. Find your nearest LRS Global Operational Excellence and Maintenance Consultant and phone them or send an email. Ask them how to build a system-of-reliability in your operation that successfully stops maintenance problems and rapidly improves reliability and production results.

Discover how the Plant Wellness Way lets you design and create world class reliability at Plant and Equipment Wellness Way: a life cycle system-of-reliability .

Find out how working with LRS Global Operations and Maintenance Consulting gets industrial operations to Operational and Maintenance Excellence.

For maximum operating profits read how you get Maximum Profit Production.

Creators of the Enterprise Wellness Way to Business Excellence
Creators of the Accuracy Controlled Enterprise (ACE) 3T Quality Management System
Creators of the Plant Wellness Way to World Class Reliability and Operational Excellence
Providing World Wide, Independent, Licensed Maintenance Consulting, Enterprise Asset Management
Consultant, ISO 9001 Consultant, Lean Manufacturing and Lean Business Improvement Consulting Services

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