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Outstandingly low maintenance costs and world class reliability in just months—that’s what you’ll get with Plant Wellness Way EAM. It’s the world’s only EAM methodology guaranteed to build a business system that gets world class asset management success. In weeks, your site uses powerful processes, right methods, and best practices to get lowest maintenance costs, utmost reliability, and new operating fortunes.


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Now, there is a new answer that makes industrial, utility, process, and manufacturing sites into world class reliability and maintenance successes quickly and safely.

You get your site world class operational success and profits by building a asset management, maintenance and reliability “system” that embeds the correct asset life-cycle practices in your processes, and installs a reliability-loving culture in your site.

Do that and you will change your company’s way of doing maintenance and reliability so that it will maximize its operating profits. This is what Plant Wellness Way EAM is used for — to get sites like yours to quickly travel the right path to world class operating success and profits.

The systematic Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management gets world-class maintenance costs and equipment reliability at user sites. It puts into your business an Asset Wellness System for getting utmost operating profits.


Puts World Class Reliability into Your Site


PWW EAM powerful technique and set of tools get the fastest reliability improvement. Used by trades people, supervisors, and managers, it finds and embeds the most effective solutions that are certain to cut maintenance and operating costs, fast.

The answers you get with Plant Wellness Way EAM are tremendously valuable. When properly done and installed in your operation, you’ll achieve all the maintenance, reliability, and operating successes that are possible from the inspired, world class organization you create.


Plant Wellness Way EAM Gives You The Right Answers For Outstanding Reliability

“I have come to greatly appreciate the concepts you have introduced in your books and in your training content.

I modestly think you have hit the nail on the head! I have never considered reliability from this perspective before. What you are advocating is now making absolute perfect sense to me!

Many thanks for the wisdom and knowledge you are sharing through your work. Will always remain grateful.”

Mayez Chikhany | Consultant | Petrofac Engineering & Production Services | UAE


From one machine, to an operation with hundreds of equipment items, Plant Wellness Way EAM gets you outstanding production asset reliability and new operating fortunes.

When you get Plant Wellness Way EAM and become a PWW EAM user site, we train you and up to 20 of your people how to get the greatest plant and equipment reliability. After the training, you and your people work together with us to successfully get the greatest value from PWW EAM. We’ll make sure your operation forever eliminates its maintenance and reliability problems in the most profitable ways.




They Used PWW EAM Solutions To Fix Their Failed and Unsuccessful RCM Strategy

“Thanks for your time; this RCM online training course really matched what I’d been seeking in maintenance training.”

“We used RCM at our site on 2 pumps on which we were spending a lot of money. For these pumps we use to replace the mechanical seal about every 2 months, but after applying your RCM training it was 7 months before we replaced any seals.”

Francois Ganfled | Mill Maintenance Team | Canada


A FREE, NO RISK, NO OBLIGATION OFFER — First Find Out How Much More Operating Profit You Can Get from Your Site


How will you make new operating profits? What will be changed in your company to ensure you get world class reliability? Who is impacted when you introduce the changes? What’s the total cost you need to fund? What’s the payback from buying and using PWW EAM? Where’s the profit coming from, and what’s the plan to get it all?

You need to ask those questions and get honest, real answers to all of them BEFORE you bring PWW EAM into your site.

Let me help you at-no-cost to make the right decision for your company.

To prove you will get exceptional operating and financial gains from this new and powerful knowledge, methodology, and expertise — we require that you first do a simple Plant Wellness Index audit free of charge.


The free audit and free report lets you understand where your site is in its climb to world class reliability, maintenance, and physical asset management. The insightful 60-question, free, no-obligation-to-buy PWW EAM, proprietary audit identifies how PWW EAM will improve your site.

Once you complete the free audit questionnaire you return it to us. Your information is used to develop the free audit report. We also draft a free business plan to get your site the utmost success possible. We’ll talk you through the report and plan and give you feedback and insights on the ways Plant Wellness Way EAM can be used to lift your site’s operating asset reliability and uptime.

Before you get Plant Wellness Way EAM, you will already know how much more reliable and profitable your site will become.

If you are interested to learn what Plant Wellness way EAM can do for your site, please email our Head Office and ask for the free, no-obligation, no-risk Plant Wellness Index audit questionnaire. The Head Office details are at the Contact Us webpage


The Plant Wellness Way EAM “Secret” Is To Build and Embed Efficient, Effective Processes. Use PWW EAM Solutions And Companies Quickly Become Successful

“Thanks Mike,

I must say I am really proud of this achievement (First Class Maintenance Planner Course Certificate). Although I have been at Hitachi for nearly seventeen years my background was in the parts area. Reman pumps was started five years ago to service our excavators in the mining industry. Three years ago Hitachi could really see the value in Reman pumps and motors, so hired a full time manager purely to see Reman nurtured to its potential. I don’t know what this manager saw in me, but he convinced me to come on board as the only non trades person at Reman to organise stores, paint and package units, control core returns and slowly develop a system to run the Reman operations. At that stage we were producing about thirty units a month. Three years later we are now producing 130 units a month. With further expansion of Reman underway at the moment, we will ramp-up production gradually to produce 500 units per month within the next two years (as I say one hell of an expansion happening).

So, long story short, the manager had the basics in place but knew we needed to improve on all our processes, procedures, safety, training, stores holding, available resources and improved subcontract work. This is where I come back in, Reman needed a component planner and scheduler. I applied, the manager gave me the position and set me to task, but 12 months in I needed to understand more about the when, where and why of planning and scheduling to achieve our goal. So I started your online planning and scheduling course.

Each time I learnt something new from you I would implement it or suggest we change something for the better. Once the boss got suspicious about what I was doing and he started making sense of what I was changing, I finally told him about you and and the course (sometime into Module 3 I think) So finally, we needed to improve all our processes and procedures, as well as manage job time to a greater level. We are achieving this. We have put into place a parts system to ensure jobs will be built on schedule; better communication with the boys on the shop floor (I run a daily Production meeting) and our jobs’ status has a more visual impact than ever before. We will constantly continue to improve and evolve.

A by product from working with you is the improvement in my IT skills. Who’d a thought it at 55 YO. Thanks again Mike for everything you’ve done. Will be happily recommending Lifetime Reliability Solution.”

Peter Thompson | Reman Pumps | Australia


Send our Head Office a request now for your free Plant Wellness Index audit, free report and free implementation plan, and learn how much more reliability and operating profits you can get with Plant Wellness Way EAM. Please go to the Contact Us webpage.

All the very best to you,

Mike Sondalini | Lifetime Reliability Solutions

Fastest way to your lowest maintenance costs

Now, ensure your site gets world class operating asset reliability, utmost plant uptime, and lowest maintenance costs, fast.

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Reliability, Maintenance & EAM Training

Vertically integrated training so everyone contributes to asset reliability excellence


“We utilised the services of Lifetime Reliability Solutions to do some pump training and were very impressed with the outcomes. They delivered a customised, in house, pump maintenance and pumping system design training course. Mike and his team developed and delivered the three-day training course in conjunction with our maintenance and engineering staff. The course was well structured and presented, and included practical activities and theory components. Mike’s experience and knowledge in this field enabled him to identify and meet our requirements quickly and effectively.”

- Tony Graham | Manager | Murrumbidgee Irrigation | Australia

"I recommend Lifetime Reliability Solutions (LRS) to any company wanting to see effective results in their maintenance processes, and plant and equipment reliability. We have worked with LRS Consultants at Donhad twice over the past two years. As a manufacturer of forged products it is crucial for our business that our production machinery and systems work at peak performance. Mike Sondalini's expertise in maintenance and asset management has proven very valuable to our company and the maintenance system that we run. We first contacted LRS to review our maintenance management processes. Mike's knowledge and perspective allowed us to improve our maintenance strategy and methods. With his advice our plant and equipment reliability has lifted considerably. LRS Consultants attention to detail and experience motivated us to contract them again to undertake multi-site maintenance audits. Thanks to LRS we have seen an improvement in our production output and started to gain control over our maintenance costs."

- Paul Shelley | Managing Director | Donhad Pty Ltd | Australia


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