New answers for world class asset management, reliability, maintenance, & safety success

Your systems and processes get you world class maintenance, safety and operational success,... or not! We use the new Plant Wellness Way EAM paradigm and methodology to design and embed into your site the best EAM system and processes for utmost plant uptime, world class equipment reliability, outstanding workplace safety, and guaranteed least maintenance costs


How can you start from right where your operation is today, and be certain of becoming a world class performing site?

It’s so easy to waste your time and money on unsuccessful maintenance, reliability, and asset management concepts and practices. They make you spend careers on wasted effort and, eventually, millions of dollars, on value-less work that makes no difference.

There is a best strategy to adopt to protect yourself: Standardize your enterprise asset management processes then continually innovate and perfect them, using the scientific-method, until your system and processes end all plant breakdowns, get utmost uptime, slash maintenance costs, create the safest workplace, and make operating fortunes.

“Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” This truth is credited to the late quality guru W. Edwards Deming. What it means for you, is that to change what happens in your company, you first need to change what happens in its systems.

To get your operation world class maintenance, reliability, and safety excellence, your asset management system and processes must make your operating assets world class reliable, maintenance-free, and safe for their entire lifetime. Nothing else you try works!

The Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management designs and delivers world-class equipment reliability, maintenance costs, and safety at every user site. It puts into your business an “Asset Wellness System” that gets the utmost reliable plant and equipment, at the least maintenance costs, and the biggest operating profits.

Plant Wellness Way EAM Gets You Ahead of Your Problems and Eliminates Their Causes

Lifetime Reliability Solutions Consultants use totally different answers to get zero failure plant and equipment, and world-class production performance. The LRS answer is to give all your operating equipment a lifetime of health and wellness so they never have a cause to fail.

You get ahead of the problems with methods that rid your operating plant and equipment of the causes of stoppages, breakdowns, and waste so that there will be no downtime and losses. This approach guarantees you make the utmost operating profits every day, on every shift, from your operation.

The PWW EAM methodology turns people, processes and plant into world-class performers. Its methods continually develop and improve your business systems, physical assets, and human capital to the level of a world-class operation.

LRS deliver zero-failure and world-class plant and equipment performance through operating risk reduction, systems engineering your business, and developing cross-functional teams focused on production with maximum reliability.

With PWW EAM you get business system and process improvement, ACE 3T quality management, life-cycle asset management, and teamwork in a profitable formula for zero failures and operational excellence from world-class asset performance.

Learn all about Plant Wellness Way EAM and what it can do for your site by asking an approved consultant. Office details are noted on the Contact Us webpage.

Mike Sondalini | Lifetime Reliability Solutions | World Class Asset Management Success

The complete life-cycle asset management methodology to get your plant and equipment to world class reliability

Build your life-cycle asset management system and processes so you get world class reliability, and the utmost operating profits, every shift

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Plant Wellness Way EAM 6-step IONICS methodology walks you through how to do equipment criticality; remove your life cycle and operating risks; select your most effective maintenance and operations strategy; embed precision maintenance practices into your workplace; use the scientific-method to innovate and build the best EAM system and processes. With the PWW EAM life-cycle asset management methodology you quickly get world class EAM processes and practices in your site

Testimonial to Plant Wellness Way EAM

"I have come to greatly appreciate the concepts you have introduced in your books and in your training content. I modestly think you have hit the nail on the head! I have never considered reliability from this perspective before. Although what you are advocating is now making absolute perfect sense to me! Many thanks for the wisdom and knowledge you are sharing through your work. Will always remain grateful."

Mayez Chikhany, Reliability Engineer, Petrofac Engineering and Production Services, UAE

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“We utilised the services of Lifetime Reliability Solutions to do some pump training and were very impressed with the outcomes. They delivered a customised, in house, pump maintenance and pumping system design training course. Mike and his team developed and delivered the three-day training course in conjunction with our maintenance and engineering staff. The course was well structured and presented, and included practical activities and theory components. Mike’s experience and knowledge in this field enabled him to identify and meet our requirements quickly and effectively.”

- Tony Graham | Manager | Murrumbidgee Irrigation | Australia

"I recommend Lifetime Reliability Solutions (LRS) to any company wanting to see effective results in their maintenance processes, and plant and equipment reliability. We have worked with LRS Consultants at Donhad twice over the past two years. As a manufacturer of forged products it is crucial for our business that our production machinery and systems work at peak performance. Mike Sondalini's expertise in maintenance and asset management has proven very valuable to our company and the maintenance system that we run. We first contacted LRS to review our maintenance management processes. Mike's knowledge and perspective allowed us to improve our maintenance strategy and methods. With his advice our plant and equipment reliability has lifted considerably. LRS Consultants attention to detail and experience motivated us to contract them again to undertake multi-site maintenance audits. Thanks to LRS we have seen an improvement in our production output and started to gain control over our maintenance costs."

- Paul Shelley | Managing Director | Donhad Pty Ltd | Australia


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