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Forever end the breakdowns, forced outages, low plant uptime, bad OEE, poor throughput, high RAV, high maintenance costs, urgent rebuilds, rework, low asset productivity, excess spares, wasted time and resources, and stop losing operating fortunes to failures


Get the knowledge, insights, tools and skills to engineer and build the utmost effective and profitable asset life cycle management and maintenance systems that quickly get world class reliable operating assets, utmost OEE, least maintenance costs, best RAV, maximum plant uptime, highest throughput, greatest asset utilization, productivity and operating profits


It's an inescapable business truth CEOs, Executives, Managers and Engineers face: "Your system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets." Credited to the late quality system guru, W. Edwards Deming, it explains why firms suffer poor operating profit and endless production troubles: their business system is failed! Fixing a failed business system is on the CEO, Executives, Managers and Engineers to do.

How to Get to World Class Operating Asset Reliability

It's your Enterprise Asset Management system, processes and practices that must guarantee low production costs, highest plant uptime, least maintenance costs and top productivity from your operating assets. You'll know if your EAM system is failed: count the fortunes lost in operating profits over the years from breakdowns, low uptime, forced outages, equipment failures, high maintenance costs, lost throughput, poor OEE, high RAV, unplanned rebuilds, low asset utilization, big spares parts inventory

To stop your plant and equipment reliability troubles and start banking new operating fortunes each month you first re-engineer your Enterprise Asset Management system to guarantee those results—nothing else you do works for long!

Fully Integrated Asset Life Cycle System-of-Reliability

To quickly and successfully re-engineer your EAM system into a system-of-reliability our experts use Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. PWWEAM ensures you design and embed an integrated, life-cycle system-of-reliability that surely and quickly gets lowest maintenance costs, highest plant uptime, delivers greatest OEE and asset productivity, and makes the utmost operating profits.

Plant Wellness Way EAM puts world class life-cycle asset management, maintenance and reliability thinking, behaviours, practices and culture into your site. Based on Physics-of-Failure science, PWWEAM eliminates tens of thousands of your operating and business risks from across the asset life cycle. It's simple to use, and it delivers world class operating asset reliability and new operating fortunes in months. Follow the link for an introduction to Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness and Plant Wellness Way EAM.

The Fastest Way to a Lifetime of World Class Reliability

The quickest way to get an integrated asset life-cycle management system-of-reliability is with our expert help to re-engineer your EAM and maintenance systems. PWWEAM is so intutively simple most consulting support is via the Web. That keeps costs down. Together, you design, build and embed a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability that gets world class reliable operating assets, and new operating fortunes.

PWWEAM is universally applicable to all industries, operations, facilities, equipment and infrastructure. To get more information, or to request a free quotation for training, or partnering with an expert to create a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability at your site, please phone, email, or use the query form on the Contact Us webpage.

Mike Sondalini, Managing Director, Lifetime Reliability Solutions

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How to Design and Build an Integrated Asset Life Cycle Management System for World Class Reliability

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“We utilised the services of Lifetime Reliability Solutions to do some pump training and were very impressed with the outcomes. They delivered a customised, in house, pump maintenance and pumping system design training course. Mike and his team developed and delivered the three-day training course in conjunction with our maintenance and engineering staff. The course was well structured and presented, and included practical activities and theory components. Mike’s experience and knowledge in this field enabled him to identify and meet our requirements quickly and effectively.”

- Tony Graham | Manager | Murrumbidgee Irrigation | Australia

"I recommend Lifetime Reliability Solutions (LRS) to any company wanting to see effective results in their maintenance processes, and plant and equipment reliability. We have worked with LRS Consultants at Donhad twice over the past two years. As a manufacturer of forged products it is crucial for our business that our production machinery and systems work at peak performance. Mike Sondalini's expertise in maintenance and asset management has proven very valuable to our company and the maintenance system that we run. We first contacted LRS to review our maintenance management processes. Mike's knowledge and perspective allowed us to improve our maintenance strategy and methods. With his advice our plant and equipment reliability has lifted considerably. LRS Consultants attention to detail and experience motivated us to contract them again to undertake multi-site maintenance audits. Thanks to LRS we have seen an improvement in our production output and started to gain control over our maintenance costs."

- Paul Shelley | Managing Director | Donhad Pty Ltd | Australia

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