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Forever end the breakdowns, the equipment stoppages, the high maintenance costs, slow throughput, low plant uptime, unbudgeted rebuilds, forced outages, bad OEE, high RAV, excess spares, and low asset productivity


Plant Wellness Way EAM gets you utmost plant uptime and new operating fortunes by ensuring your operating assets are world class reliable


CEOs, Executives, Managers and Engineers suffer an inescapable business truth: "Your system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets." Credited to the late quality guru W. Edwards Deming, it explains why firms and operations perform as they do—it's how their business system design works! To get world class reliable operating assets and profits your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system design must guarantee world class reliability—nothing else you do works for long. Getting world class operational excellence success and profits needs a world class EAM system guaranteed to deliver world class reliable operating assets. That's why LRS Consultants install a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability for our clients. We know Plant Wellness Way EAM (PWWEAM) puts the utmost effective EAM system, strategy, processes and practices for world class reliability into your company.

World Class Reliability the Plant Wellness Way

Plant Wellness Way EAM to World Class Reliability

A Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability is engineered starting from the parts in your equipment through to the senior ranks running your organization. Its bottom-up approach is the only sure way to create a fully integrated, life-cycle EAM system that gets you world class reliability. PWWEAM gives you the smallest, simplest, most effective life cycle asset management and maintenance system and processes so your organization has world class reliable assets. Your operations start delivering world class availability, productivity, and new operating fortunes in months. Click the link to read a summary of how PWWEAM makes operating assets world class reliable: Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness with Plant Wellness Way EAM.

LRS Consultants can work one-on-one with you to change your organization into a world class performer. Alternately, we can do the whole transition end-to-end, or we do some other combination of support that better suits your situation. Find out all you want to know on getting your company world class reliable operating assets and new profits from LRS Consultants and their agents. Telephone numbers, email addresses, and a query form are at the Contact Us webpage.

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The simple way to make your assets world class reliable

The Executive was in trouble. "We have many failures in our current systems, both power and water. I am really interested in knowing more about Plant Wellness Way EAM and its maintenance processes." Below is the simple approach we recommended to them.

"A Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability surely stops your breakdowns and turns them into new operating profits. But, by the time you do the complete onsite training yourself and master PWW EAM it will be some 12 months. That is a long time to live with equipment failures and maintenance costs that are already too bad.

Instead, we can coach you and your people to apply PWWEAM to 10% your operation's assets and make them world-class reliable. We work with you and your team to build the necessary processes and capability within your organization. Once PWWEAM solutions are completed for the selected assets, you and your team apply the methodology to all the rest of your operations. This is the fastest and least cost way to use us to get the plant and equipment reliability and uptime that your organization requires.

It minimises our consultant time and your costs. We would resource as much of the work as possible to you and your team. We would work together to do the project and apply PWWEAM under our stewardship. With our help and support you get rapid improvement to your assets performance within a few weeks. After our training and coaching your people continue to achieve great improvement in operational asset reliability and productivity across the rest for your organization."

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