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Forever stop losing operating time and fortunes to high maintenance costs, breakdowns, poor throughput, bad OEE, high RAV, poor uptime, low productivity, large spare parts inventory, high operating costs, and human errors


"Your system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets." This truth from quality guru W. Edwards Deming means either your system gets success now, or it must change.

Your operation's problems and profitability reflect, and depend totally on, your operating systems and their processes. To guarantee outstandingly successful operating results you first need a system with processes that are totally capable to deliver the performance and outcomes you want. Nothing else you do makes much difference!

It's your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, processes, and practices that must guarantee low production costs, highest plant uptime, least maintenance costs, and top productivity from your operating assets. Until you have utmost reliable equipment, for lowest maintenance costs, and biggest operating profits, you are losing fortunes daily.

To quickly get world class reliability required for operational excellence success, you need the right understandings in rebuilding your processes; specific workplace training to teach your people the new ways they must work; and you need access to centre-of-excellence know-how where experts show you how to get the best results soonest.

Plant Wellness Way EAM is a risk-free methodology to generate great answers, design tests to prove them, and then embed sure solutions into your systems and processes.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM system puts world class reliability, maintenance, safety, and expertise into your operation. You get rapid improvement in operating asset performance, results, and profit. Read on to learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM and what it will do for your site. If you have questions, please ask an approved PWW EAM consultant. Our office details are noted on the Contact Us webpage.

Utmost Reliability and Success with Plant Wellness Way EAM

Plant Wellness Way EAM gives you business systems and processes to get utmost reliability from operating assets. EAM is the coordinated activities an organization does to make effective use of assets, be they an item (e.g. machine, power supply, software, building, etc.), thing (e.g. knowledge, methodology, culture, etc.), or entity (e.g. supplier, operator, contractor, engineer, etc.), to gain maximum value for the enterprise (from ISO 55000-2014). To get supreme value, a successful EAM system delivers continuous, life-cycle-long optimisation, and constant, proactive, organisation-wide collaboration. A PWW EAM system is the simplest, fastest, least cost, most certain answer to do all that!

PWW EAM SOLUTION: Engineering, Operations and Maintenance that Reduces Life Cycle Operating Risks

Figure 1: Do Only the Most Effective EAM Strategy, Methods, and Practices

The contents and coverage of Enterprise Asset Management are massive. EAM places cross-departmental, inter-organisational, conception-to-grave demands on an organisation. To incorporate all the whole-of-life requirements, and correctly manage all of them effectively, forever, is impossible without a life-cycle-long EAM system.

An EAM system includes all the engineering, supply chain, operation, and maintenance requirements of your plant and equipment assets for their entire lifetime. The exhaustive, extensive, multi-decade nature of EAM makes it extremely hard for an organisation to master EAM and thereby maximise value from its operating assets—unless the company follows a sure and effective EAM methodology that builds the best and simplest EAM system for the lifetime of their business.

Without a structured approach to EAM system design and construction, companies leave out critical asset care and health requirements that need to be done. They do the wrong activities that cost time and money but bring no value. A company can easily spend fortunes on EAM and work at it for years, only to find that their plant and equipment remains unreliable, is costly to run and maintain, and needs excessive resources to be committed to keep their operation going.

Plant Wellness Way (PWW) EAM is a proprietary enterprise asset management methodology used to build a methodical and standardised asset management system for an organisation’s operating assets—its Asset Wellness System. A PWW EAM system puts the most effective strategy, methods, and practices into use that ensures the plant and equipment deliver the greatest value for the operation.

Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology addresses every aspect of physical asset management to create an effective and efficient EAM system for organisations. You do only what is necessary and truly effective to get the utmost value from your operating plant and equipment. Figure 1 represents how PWW EAM produces the best operating profit results from your plant and equipment assets.

The core of PWW EAM methodology is the six-step IONICS process used to analyse asset needs, develop effective strategy, and embed the right practices into an operation. An IONICS analysis covers all aspects of an operating asset’s lifetime.

Each step in IONICS brings greater understanding of an asset’s situation, its impact on the organisation, and the activities to do to get exceptional reliability. With that knowledge you make the best choices to keep the asset healthy and well for its whole service life. The process addresses all equipment, organisational, and life-cycle requirements. Figure 2 overviews the IONICS steps.

PWW-EAM SOLUTION: Six IONICS Processes to Utmost Equipment Health and Plant Wellness

Figure 2: IONICS Gets You a Structured, Systematic, Systematised EAM Solution

Following the six-steps—Identify, Order, Negate, Install, Cultivate, Synthesize—takes you from the roots of equipment failure through to a complete, fully functioning, continually improving business system that gets outstanding reliability from your operating assets.

The Identify step finds how equipment parts can fail in your operation. The Order step gauges how critical a failure is to your company. In Negate, you eliminate each cause, and if that is not possible, you prevent the cause from arising. When there is no cause of failure there is no need for maintenance. There is no need to stop your plant for repairs or corrective work. Step four, Install, turns the PWW EAM strategy into plans and actions embedded in your organisation’s work processes and procedures. Cultivate makes your processes and procedures most effective and successful. The last step, Synthesise, creates a continuous improvement loop to always better your EAM system.

By using IONICS, you stop the causes of an equipment’s failure and make the item highly reliable. All proactive failure elimination actions and all failure prevention activities are now in use in your company. With PWW EAM you design and embed solutions that bring you the utmost uptime, greatest throughput, and largest operating profits.

Use PWW EAM and IONICS and you'll get an Asset Wellness System that ensures you do the least equipment maintenance necessary, get outstanding reliability from your operating assets, and make the biggest operating profits every month, year-on-year. You make your operation successful because you have wisely chosen, and are always doing, all the right things that bring you great EAM success.

Got a question about Plant Wellness Way EAM and what it can do for your site? Ask it of any approved consultant. Our office details are noted on the Contact Us webpage.

Training and knowledge

Lift productivity with effective training and solutions to end operating, maintenance and reliability problems. Get right knowledge that lets you make successful and profitable changes in organization's EAM, maintenance, and operating systems and processes.

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How to build your EAM system to get world class reliability

Design and build your Enterprise Asset Management System to get world class reliable operating assets, least maintenance costs, and utmost operating profits in record time.

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness Book by Mike Sondalini


The Fastest Way to Get World Class Reliable Operating Assets


What is Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness?


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The “white book” gives you the simple Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology, strategy and templates to engineer and create an Asset Life Cycle Management System that makes operating assets world class reliable. It puts modern physics-of-failure science, system reliability engineering, and lifetime risk elimination into use in your operation. You quickly design, build and embed a robust, anti-fragile "system-of-reliability" that keeps your plant and equipment outstandingly reliable for their whole service life.

Ask the New Plant Wellness Way EAM Consultants in Europe — APSYS, an Airbus Company


APSYS, an Airbus company, take their world class expertise in aerospace risk management and reliability into enterprise asset management with a license to use Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. With PWW EAM APSYS-Airbus can get outstanding operating asset reliability at client sites. Lifetime Reliability Solutions approved consultant and trainer contact details are noted on the Contact Us webpage.

10% Strategy to World Class Reliable Operating Assets and Lowest Maintenance Costs

His operation was in bad trouble, "We are having many failures in our current systems, both power and water, I am really interested in knowing more about Plant Wellness Way EAM and its maintenance processes." Here's what we said he could do for him to quickly solve his operating assets' reliability problems for the least consultant costs.

"Install a Plant Wellness Way EAM system and you will surely stop your plant and equipment breakdowns and turn them into new operating profits. But, by the time you do the training and know how to apply PWW EAM yourself, it will be some 12 months before you are completely comfortable and able in the methodology. It is a long time to live with failure problems and costs that are already too bad.

During that year your organization will lose a fortune due to breakdowns and downtime while you become knowledgeable about PWW EAM. After you get proficient, you still need to apply and teach your team what to do to use PWW EAM. It could easily take another year before your organization starts seeing serious plant and equipment reliability improvements. In that second year the breakdowns, and the resulting financial and production losses, still continue to occur.

Instead, we offer to come to your facility and apply PWW EAM to your operation to make rapid improvements to your operating assets reliability and uptime. The approach we take is to apply PWW EAM fully on a selected number of assets, say 10 percent of the total, and bring them up to full reliability and service.

We will work with you and your team to build the necessary processes and capability within your organization. Once the PWW EAM solutions are completed for the selected assets, then you and your team would apply the methodology to all the rest of your operations. This is the fastest and least cost way to use us to get the plant and equipment reliability and uptime that your organization requires.

Instead of taking two years to see substantial reliability improvement, the first year to do the training and learning, and the second year to teach and implement PWW EAM, you will get improvements and cost reductions within a few months. After the first year you can expect to be well in control of your operating asset reliability, uptime, and maintenance expenses.

To minimise our consultant time and costs, we would resource as much of the work as possible to you and your team. We would work together with your organization to do the project and apply PWW EAM in your operation under our stewardship.

In this way, with our help and support, there will be rapid improvement to your assets’ performance within a few short weeks. By the time 12 months passes, you will have achieved a great improvement in production supply and security. At the end of two years, you can expect the operating assets reliability and productivity to be a great pride for your organization.

If providing direct and rapid PWW EAM consulting assistance to you and your team is a useful approach, then I can give you a formal fixed price quote for our services. Should you want a firm quote from us, I would appreciate if you provide the asset register and engineering details of the plant and equipment you would want PWW EAM Consultant support to improve.

To get a proposal and indicative costing to bring PWW EAM success to your operation, please indicate the asset types at your site to be in the first 10% to use PWW EAM solutions. It is only necessary to have one asset of each type, as you and your people will then replicate PWW EAM to every other asset of its type in your organization."

To learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM and what it can do for your site simply ask an approved consultant. Our office details are noted on the Contact Us webpage.

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“We utilised the services of Lifetime Reliability Solutions to do some pump training and were very impressed with the outcomes. They delivered a customised, in house, pump maintenance and pumping system design training course. Mike and his team developed and delivered the three-day training course in conjunction with our maintenance and engineering staff. The course was well structured and presented, and included practical activities and theory components. Mike’s experience and knowledge in this field enabled him to identify and meet our requirements quickly and effectively.”

- Tony Graham | Manager | Murrumbidgee Irrigation | Australia

"I recommend Lifetime Reliability Solutions (LRS) to any company wanting to see effective results in their maintenance processes, and plant and equipment reliability. We have worked with LRS Consultants at Donhad twice over the past two years. As a manufacturer of forged products it is crucial for our business that our production machinery and systems work at peak performance. Mike Sondalini's expertise in maintenance and asset management has proven very valuable to our company and the maintenance system that we run. We first contacted LRS to review our maintenance management processes. Mike's knowledge and perspective allowed us to improve our maintenance strategy and methods. With his advice our plant and equipment reliability has lifted considerably. LRS Consultants attention to detail and experience motivated us to contract them again to undertake multi-site maintenance audits. Thanks to LRS we have seen an improvement in our production output and started to gain control over our maintenance costs."

- Paul Shelley | Managing Director | Donhad Pty Ltd | Australia


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