The CEO, Executive, Manager and Engineer Who Wants Their Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance Systems to Get Their Company World Class Reliability and Operating Profits Within 3 Years

Now, forever end high maintenance costs, breakdowns, lost production, equipment stoppages, low plant uptime, bad OEE, high RAV, forced outages, unbudgeted rebuilds, excess spares, and low asset productivity


Design, build and embed a sure, straight path to the heights of world class reliability success. LRS Consultants work with you and your people to re-engineer and implement enterprise asset management and maintenance systems that get endless world class operating asset reliability and new operating fortunes within 3 years


Every CEO, Executive, Manager and Engineer faces an inescapable business truth: "Your system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets." Credited to quality guru W. Edwards Deming, it explains why your organization's performance and profits are what they are—that's all your business system design can deliver! To get world class reliable operating assets, and the world class operating profits they bring you, your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system must first be built to guarantee world class operating asset reliability. Only the right EAM system design, processes, and practices gets lasting world class operating asset reliability—nothing else you do works for long.

Plant Wellness Way EAM designs and builds a system-of-reliability that brings endless health and wellbeing to your plant and equipment. A PWWEAM system integrates physical assets, workforce, engineering, operation, maintenance, and supply chain to guarantee lasting world class operating asset reliability. Your operation starts delivering world class availability, productivity, and new operating fortunes in months. Click the link to a summary of how PWWEAM makes operating assets world class reliable: Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness with Plant Wellness Way EAM.

Lifetime Reliability Solutions use, teach, and install the Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability. We partner with you to do the whole transition end-to-end, or we can do some other combination of support that better suits your situation. Find out all you want to know on getting your company world class reliable operating assets and new operating fortunes the Plant Wellness Way from LRS Consultants. Our telephone number, email address, and a query form are at the Contact Us webpage.

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