5 Free Downloads on Plant Wellness Way EAM to World Class Asset Life-Cycle Management, Maintenance and Reliability

CEO’s, Executives, Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, and Crews can learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to design, build and embed a world class system-of-reliability from these 5 free downloads.


Discover Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management. Learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM (PWWEAM) methodology that uses a powerful systems engineering approach to build a life-cycle, system-of-reliability in operating sites.

Design and install effective and efficient asset management processes that deliver utmost production, least maintenance costs, and new operating fortunes. Your new operating profits come from:

– safely delaying CAPEX expenditures,

– utmost, sustained, plant availability and throughput,

– optimized production costs and operating profits,

– safely delaying OPEX expenditure,

– doubling and tripling the time between breakdowns

– doubling the time between shutdowns and turnarounds,

– far fewer safety incidents because of your outstandingly reliability,

– lower insurance premiums as your operating risks fall,

– simplifying and standardize jobs and work,

– eliminating wasted efforts and losses from throughout your operation,

– preventing new defects and future failures entering your company.

With a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability in your sites, you embed a powerful life-cycle management strategy that continually brings operational successes and new profits.


1) DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF BOOKLET FOR CEOs, EXECUTIVES, MANAGERS AND ENGINEERS by clicking the link in the blue panel below. Learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM concepts key to physical asset management and reliability success that quickly improve your engineering asset management processes. There’s new insights, simple answers, and easy to use methods for those who want Operations and Maintenance Excellence results.


Download the Most Effective Engineering Asset Management, Operations, Maintenance and Reliability Strategies to Use

See how industrial company CEO’s, Executives, Managers and Engineers can improve their company’s asset management, maintenance and operating processes and quickly get world class reliable operating assets.

Read Enterprise Asset Management Success for CEO’s, Executives, Managers and Engineers and learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM reliability strategies to create a business system for maximum success. (2.5 MB PDF document)


2) GET THE FREE PLANT AND EQUIPMENT WELLNESS EAM PDF BOOK AND TEMPLATES introducing and using the 6-step IONICS methodology to get outstanding production equipment reliability in industrial operations. Click this link and get your free Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF book and templates. This book has the foundation knowledge industrial operations and businesses use to identify correct EAM strategy, and spread sheets to develop a properly targeted EAM system-of-reliability needed for Operational Excellence results.


Free Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF Book

Plant and Equipment Wellness Free PDF Book and learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology

Click the Image and Download Your Free Book


3) SEE 20 FREE ONLINE PLANT WELLNESS WAY EAM TRAINING VIDEOS YOU CAN FREELY USE IN YOUR COMPANY to discover and learn how Plant Wellness Way EAM makes your enterprise destined for world class reliability, maintenance and operational excellence success. You get full access to all the vital concepts and methods of the Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability — just click the link in the orange panel below.


Free Plant Wellness Way EAM ‘Change the Game’ videos for World Class Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability with Unrestricted Use in Your Company

Learn about using Plant Wellness Way EAM to ‘Change the Game’ of enterprise asset management and maintenance for world class reliability with 14 hours of free training in foundational basics of Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology.

Click the link and complete the form to get access to view all 20 Plant Wellness Way EAM videos and learn all about why Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology is so effective.


4) DOWNLOAD A FREE SPREAD SHEET WITH ISO 55001 MAPPED TO PLANT WELLNESS WAY EAM showing you the appropriate slides and concepts from our 3-day Plant Wellness Way EAM training course presentation to use in satisfying the clauses of the ISO 55001 asset management standard.

Simply click the link below and you go to the webpage where you download a free copy of the mapping spread sheet and free PDF versions of the Plant Wellness Way training course slides.

Free spread sheet of ISO 55001 mapped to Plant Wellness Way training course slides


5) ESTIMATE THE EXTRA OPERATING PROFITS FROM USING PLANT WELLNESS WAY EAM TO GET WORLD CLASS RELIABILITY NEEDED FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE and justify use of Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to get world class production performance, high productivity, and outstanding operating profits each month.

Click the following link to calculate the new operating profits you make from Plant Wellness Way EAM with the information contained in the PDF white paper, The Plant Wellness Way EAM Difference. It’s quite astounding how great you production success can be in just a few months.

You’ll learn how Plant Wellness Way EAM gets these four great advantages that result when you adopt Plant Wellness Way EAM to deliver world class maintenance, reliability, and Operational Excellence. The Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability and process improvement methodology:

  1. Gets you to Reliability and Maintenance Excellence performance much faster. The PWWEAM methodology is designed to get you there in months, not years. Starting from where you are today, you redesign your processes in weeks and install world class solutions in months.
  2. Focuses your efforts on planning and installing the simplest and most successful and profitable maintenance and operational excellence solutions. You use specially developed operating risk abatement tools to create a business built for maximum success, productivity, and operating profits, using the resources you have today, without putting the business in danger.
  3. Lets you model and prove that your solutions work brilliantly before you use them. You apply probabilistic stresses testing of your processes and procedures to spot what causes a process to fail and how best to make it robust and anti-fragile.
  4. Gives you a holistic strategy that insures operational, reliability and maintenance excellence is the only way that your business can operate. Your company only uses business-wide and life-cycle long solutions built to eliminate operational losses and guarantee maximum operational success.