Plant and Equipment Wellness EAM Training Course Videos Session 19: Machinery Risk Reduction

Machinery Risk Reduction makes operating equipment world class reliable by removing all the causes that create each risk of failure

The Plant Wellness Way EAM machinery risk reduction methods proactively keep every parts microstructure healthy and in lasting wellness, thereby guaranteeing world class plant and equipment reliability


We know what to do to make any industrial asset outstandingly reliable—don’t let its parts fail. You do that by undertaking machinery risk reduction analysis to intentionally drive component reliability growth to world class heights.


PEW/PWW EAM Course Day 3 – Reliability Creation Session 19 – Machinery Risk Reduction
Duration 0:53

Machinery Risk Reduction
– Reliability Growth Cause Analysis
– Precision Maintenance Standards

Reliability Growth Cause Analysis (RGCA)
Duration 3:37

An RGCA activity requires you to “Select all critical parts (i.e. one that if it fails stops the asset working) from the Bill of Materials of an item of equipment.” The RGCA analysis removes all risks of its failure. For the part, identify all its failure modes. Determine the total cost and the risk from each failure. For each failure mode identify all its Physics of Failure causes across the life cycle. The RGCA requires you to choose ways to prevent each cause of a failure mode, thereby eliminating eh cause of the cause of future failures.

You need to set and meet World Class Standards if you want World Class Equipment Reliability
Duration 0:54


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