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Online training courses where you learn and practice world class Reliability, Maintenance, and Enterprise Asset Management that gets outstanding plant and equipment uptime.

Our courses are for people who want to know the effective methods to successfully deliver world class Asset and Maintenance Management results.

Join successful online training courses tutored by top class specialists. Your tutor guides and coaches you to the completion of your training and the award of your certificate.

Get the knowledge, know-how, insights, and practice to deliver Enterprise Asset Management, Industrial Maintenance Management, Plant Maintenance, and Reliability Excellence throughout your career.

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Below is a list of our online training courses on physical asset management, maintenance management, maintenance planning, maintenance strategy selection, and equipment reliability improvement done by online distance education.

Upon starting a course you are allocated a human tutor. They review your assignments and answer your questions. At the completion of your training you get a certificate recognizing your new capabilities. The training provides you with world class knowledge and methods. The assignments you do get you to a high standard of ability and understanding. Start with the training course containing the know-how you now want. Then do other online courses that continually improve your knowledge and problem solving abilities to further boost your career prospects.


  1. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability Training Course
    Learn the best practices of successful maintenance planning and scheduling that also gets equipment higher reliability. Be recognized in your company as a top-class maintenance planner and scheduler with what you learn in this world class maintenance planning and scheduling training course.

  3. Maintenance Management Processes for World Class Maintenance Training Course
    Maintenance and reliability excellence needs world class maintenance processes. Learn how to create truly effective maintenance processes that get you outstanding plant and equipment reliability. You’ll build the right work management processes to get mastery over your maintenance results.

  5. Applied Reliability Improvement for Operating Plant Training Course
    Teaches you practical reliability engineering methods and techniques for reliability improvement of operating plant and equipment. You learn how to use reliability engineering fundamentals and techniques to improve production plant and equipment reliability.

  7. Online FMEA Training course using Physics of Failure
    Learn the simple, effective and powerful Plant Wellness Way method for Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA). It’s the first FMEA tool that uses Physics of Failure science. You are taught to use a spread sheet template so you can successfully do the analysis with confidence of a great FMEA result.

  9. Preventive Maintenance Program and PM Strategy Development Training Course
    Learn how to make effective preventive maintenance strategy selection and build a preventive maintenance program based on sound, practical PM activties that deliver high equipment reliability and plant uptime.

  11. Predictive Maintenance Program and PdM Strategy Development Training Course

    Predictive Maintenance is Condition Based Maintenance where you only maintain your equipment depending on its condition. Learn to develop sound predictive maintenance strategy, choose the right Condition Monitoring technology, and create condition based maintenance schedules that are truly effective in preventing plant and equipment breakdowns and failures.


  13. Root Cause Analysis Training Course
    Learn to apply a simple, practical and powerful RCA process. Practice the analysis tools, methods and techniques of RCA and use them for problem solving, to prevent safety incidents, and to remove the causes of plant and equipment failures.

  15. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Training Course
    An online RCM training program that teaches you to do the RCM method simply and effectively. You get sound understanding and learn vital practices to successful do the RCM process steps. You learn RCM analysis that gets you the most useful maintenance strategy and tasks. And you plan how to implement and apply maintenance strategy to get great results in the workplace.

  17. Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management Training Course

    This training course for those people who want a complete EAM methodology for world class operating asset reliability that fully satisfies ISO 55001 asset management standard. You learn Plant Wellness Way EAM from the foundations to full application. With Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology you can design and build a life-cycle EAM system and processes to get world class life-cycle asset management, maintenance and reliability in your operation.


  19. Precision Maintenance Training Course in Setting-Up an Effective Precision Maintenance Program

    Mastering Precision Maintenance of machinery is a vital necessity for world class operating asset reliability. Setting-up a complete and successful precision maintenance program is what you learn in this comprehensive Precision Maintenance Training Course that takes you through the fifteen key requirements you need to master to ensure your mechanical equipment and machinery are world class reliable.


Kudos to Your Online Program

“Hello Mike,

Hope this mail meets you well. I just want to commend your online learning program—so far its the best, I must say. I love your style of one on one mentor-ship, communication and guidance throughout the program. Your responses and materials are excellent. Please keep it up!

I tried an online learning platform, and will say yours is still the best out there.


Adole A. | CCI-Growthcon | Nigeria

Note: Adole completed both the Reliability Centered Maintenance course and the Predictive Maintenance course by our tutored online distance education method.

Testimonial from a Graduate on Our Online Teaching Method


“Dear Mike,

I really would like to appreciate your courses’ level, which I did not expect from an online course with interaction and assignment submissions to a tutor. I have done many online courses, but your methodology is amazing.

Best wishes,”

Torki I. | MSc Mechanical Engineering | Saudi Arabia

Graduate Greatly Values Our Online Training Method


“Thanks for the online training, which has added value to my career and will continue to make changes to my professional life.

Let me tell you wholeheartedly that you are here to transform a person’s mind set to be really practical and specialized. Most trainers (of online training courses) are looking for money as their benefit and do not really assist the Trainees. But your charge (payment) for the course delivers outcomes of a trained person who is a professional. To this end, please keep it up.”
Frank Mwamwaja | Heavy Machine Equipment Planner | Acacia Mining | Tanzania
NOTE: Frank did both the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reliability Course, and the Applied Reliability Engineering for Operating Plant Training


Fast Track Your Career with Training in World Class Maintenance Management, Plant Reliability Management, and Asset Management


For rapid and successful industrial engineering, maintenance, and operations career growth, you need to be very good at preventing plant and equipment problems. You need to know how to deliver reliable equipment, low cost maintenance, and successful business results.

Learn to make great operations, reliability, and maintenance decisions with our expert-tutored online asset maintenance management, reliability, and maintenance training by distance education.

If you want to understand and use best maintenance and reliability practices these online distance education courses on world class reliability creation, maintenance best practices and profit-focused enterprise asset management will do that for you.

The training courses were developed in response to industry training requests and contain expert reliability and maintenance knowledge and techniques that we teach to industry practitioners. The training material is designed to get the right knowledge and answers across to the people that need it, quickly and correctly.

The reliability and maintenance training content in our distance education training course modules let you learn all that you need to know about each enterprise maintenance topic at your own pace. You work with a human Tutor to work who is a specialist and you can contact them with questions at any time. Your Tutor reviews your assignments and aids you to pass them well. With these maintenance management and maintenance training courses you get a thorough and sound understanding of important asset maintenance and reliability topics to help you develop your knowledge and expertise so you can rapidly move forward in your industrial operations maintenance career.

Our industrial maintenance courses are created by world class experts fully industry experienced and practiced in the training content. They are not academics with nothing more than ‘book learning’ to teach you. The standards are high and the information you get is top quality and of outstanding value because your Tutor knows all about ‘real world’ maintenance and reliability.

These maintenance training courses are truly effective in helping you to become a competent and able practitioner who know and applies the subject well. You learn how to deliver great asset maintenance performance and outstanding equipment reliability improvements. All our industrial maintenance courses are continuously updated and enhanced with the latest learning and knowledge so you get only the very best and useful content that really works!

At the completion of each course you get our certificate of training recognising your accomplishment. These certificates are greatly respected in industry because you have learnt the very best ways to improve plant maintenance and equipment reliability performance.

Please follow this link to ‘frequently asked question’ answers about our maintenance training courses.

If you have more questions please ask us. Email us, send a fax or make a phone call if you have further questions about doing our industrial maintenance management, maintenance planning or plant and equipment reliability improvement training courses. You will find our contact details at the Contact Us webpage.


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