Remove Failure Causes and You Guarantee Reliability Improvement and New Operating Profits that Last Forevermore

Do you want to improve your plant and equipment reliability and make more operating profit? Then proactively remove its failure causes!

Deliberately create equipment reliability by purposely removing the chance of its components failing. Without a cause of failure there can be no failure.


Slide 16 – Improve Equipment Reliability = Reduce Parts Failure Rate = Reduce Chance of Failure = Remove Failure Causes = Bigger Operating Profits Forevermore

 To get improved equipment reliability reduce the failure rate of its components, that requires you to first remove failure causes so there are no reasons to fail

The heading in the slide above tells us what to do if we want to improve reliability of plant and equipment. We must remove the chance of failure by proactively working to remove failure causes so there are no reasons to fail. If there is no failure cause there is no failure event.

Every time an equipment’s failure rate falls you will generate more operating profit. That is why reliability is so keenly pursued by CEOs, Executives, and Managers—raising reliability is a certain way to greatly increase operating profits.

In the list of the 15 ways a drinking glass can fail many of the failure causes can be removed with either design changes to the glass, procedure changes in how the glass is moved and handled, and with education and training that makes people more skillful in preventing the chances of failing a glass.

As we remove failure causes the rate of failure falls, because opportunities for something to go wrong are eliminated. The decrease in failure rate shows as improved reliability—fewer failures happen over a period, which implies a longer time between failures, and that is reliability improvement.

Remove failure causes and you get a lower failure rate. A reduced equipment failure rate saves money, because there are fewer breakdowns and operating problems needing to be fixed. The more you remove failure causes, the greater the operating and maintenance savings. Breakdowns and failures which no longer happen cut maintenance expenditure and operating costs. Improving reliability is a very profitable strategy. And reliability is improved every time you intentionally remove failure causes.


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