Our Operational Excellence definition for ‘What is Operational Excellence?’ and how we deliver operations and maintenance Process Excellence

We use a proprietary Operational Excellence methodology to redesign and rebuild company processes holistically that ensures the organisation gets the maximum possible business success for their entire operating life



Hi Mike,

I’m inquiring to know more about what is Operational Excellence and its use and benefits to our pump service and supply business.

Our senior managers take the view that any operational improvement has to be paid from the operating budget. This necessitates improvements suggested by operational excellence consultants like yourselves must be simple and low cost to implement so they can be done as financing becomes available.

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First, what is Operational Excellence? Our Operational Excellence definition is when your operation runs brilliantly and maximum operating profits are always generated. This means your company is operating optimally, it’s in its most efficient and effective zone with everything going smoothly without disruption. That is what you see in an Operational Excellence company: an outstandingly well run and properly supported operation consistently generating best profits for the industry its in. Behind a world class business is the business process excellence that make those outcomes happen. That is where LRS Consultants works and does its magic—inside your business processes.

All companies and organisations are constructed using what their directors and managers knew about business management, from the resources they had available and could afford at the time. No one can say if it was the most optimal solution or even an effective solution. It was a suitable approach for their purpose but it’s highly unlikely to have been the best solution. Overtime your business evolved and changed into what it is today. Still today your business design is probably not ideal and it is not optimally delivering the best productivity it is possible to do.

Because operations and maintenance processes suffer greatly from system failures caused elsewhere in a business we do Operational Excellence consulting based on business-wide, life-cycle-long, operating risk elimination. We bring benefits to companies through redesigning and rebuild their processes holistically to get the maximum possible business success for their entire operating life. If you were to ask us to optimise your company’s operations and maintenance processes we would apply a holistic Operational Excellence design methodology. Out of the analysis would come the optimal business system solution for your operation.

We start by looking at what your operation now does and analyse its current processes and their resulting performance. Next we look at how the processes can be made most efficient and effective. After that we review the options and redesign the processes for best business results. Finally we give you the new process designs containing those improvements that make the company most successful.

We use a robust methodology and our knowledge of ISO 9001 quality systems and business management system redesigning to do all the above. But we can’t do a great job for you without you and your people being involved in the work we do. We need access to you, your staff, employees, documents and records in order to answer our questions and understand your processes. You all know your business better than we do and we need cooperation to do our work most quickly and to get the best solutions that make your operation highly successful.

If you let us become your business improvement partners we will help you to successfully implement the new ways of doing business. If you just want us to just provide you with the best options for your business then we end the assignment with our report to you.

For a business the size of your company we’d allocate one consultant on the operational excellence project for 20 days. The work is usually done over about 2 months since they schedule work to match access to you and your people. At the end of that period they would have a final proposal for implementation with costs and new operating profit estimates. If you want us to be involved with the implementation of Operational Excellence proposals it would be additional to doing the analysis and developing the report.

To improve your operational performance and success requires developing an Operational Excellence strategy. In the end that needs a Process Excellence strategy for each of your business processes. You will not get the greatest success if you only look at improving the operations and maintenance processes.

Operational Excellence and Process Excellence are LRS Consultants’ capability and expertise. We have the tools, techniques and the experience to get you the best, easiest to implement process improvements for your business.

If your company senior management wants to know how the Operational Excellence tools and methods we use work, and how they are applied to maximise operations, maintenance and business process success, I will gladly provide all the information they require.

The above is our operational excellence definition and the benefits of our Operational Excellence consulting services described simply.

If you intend to undertake operational excellence improvements and want a full and formal quote please let me know and I will provide it to you.

I hope these thoughts and concepts on using our Operational Excellence model and consulting services are helpful to you. Feel free to ask me any questions about the above.


All the best to you,

Mike Sondalini
Managing Director
Lifetime Reliability Solutions HQ


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P.P.S. If you want advice or input on your plans for Operational Excellence, Process Excellence improvement, Lean Business Processes, Lean Manufacturing or Lean Improvement, please feel free to contact me by email at info@lifetime-reliability.com

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