How Many Planned Maintenance Work Orders should a Maintenance Planner Complete in a Shift?

Yes, you can specify how long it should take to compile the work pack for any maintenance work order, but only after fully understanding the complexity of the specific job, and the maturity of the maintenance information management system



How long to plan a maintenance job?

I am Maintenance Planning Engineer working in a petrochemical Industry. Can you please share with me the benchmark for doing routine Maintenance Planner work duties, like:
– No. of Work Orders that ought to be completed
– No. Of Man-hours per Work Order
– Maintenance Work Process Meetings
– Safety responsibilities (Zero LTI, MVA)

Currently we are using number of Work Orders and Man-hours but the result are not in favor of the company’s current workforce.

Basically, I’m looking for how many PM and PPM should be expected from a maintenance field planner during an 8-hour day shift?

Hoping to be obliged, regards

Asnaf Ahmad



Dear Asnaf,

Have you looked at the Maintenance KPI table in the article titled Meaningful Maintenance KPIs for Measuring Maintenance Performance? It’s what is expected by DuPont Chemicals in their petrochemical plants and it is a good starting point for you.

How long to plan a maintenance job? It’s a question every Maintenance Planning Engineer asks. As does every Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Engineering Manager. When they are new into those roles people can’t believe how little work Maintenance Planners seem to complete. For those who understand what maintenance planning truly involves to create a highly effective work pack, the “How long to plan a maintenance job?” question makes us smile.

The honest answer is,… it depends on the complexity of the job the Planner must plan. Along with, how long it takes to get all the right information together to build the full work pack needed to do the job safely and correctly, right first time.

If the Planner must scope the entire job from start to completion; determine all necessary parts and materials; decide tools and service equipment to use; create a fully detailed job plan listing all tasks in 2% to 4% size increments to complete all the work; write a detailed job procedure that the maintenance technicians will follow containing all the correct information and facts; plus consider all the other issues noted in the Maintenance Work Pack Contents Check Sheet, which the Planner must address in order to build a full work pack—it’s quite possible that they will be lucky to complete planning one PM job in a shift.

If within the company’s information systems there is none or little of the necessary engineering, procurement, or maintenance information available about your assets to create a correct and complete work pack, then the Planner must search for the needed information outside of the company’s systems. Finding missing, necessary information can take days to compile. When Planners have to live with inadequate, immature asset management and maintenance management information systems, then they will lose a lot of time looking for important details technicians must have to do the job right. When Planners work with an immature maintenance information management system it’s unlikely you’ll get top class maintenance work packs. A maintenance management system missing vital information guarantees you have continual equipment failures.

I suggest you first seek to understand the difficulty and complexity of the range of maintenance jobs your Planners need to build work packs for, then divide up all the work orders needing planning into five categories of complexity—from simple with little risk, through to very difficult and involved—and determine how long a work pack in each category should take to build using your existing maintenance information management system. Compiling a comprehensive work pack for a simple job in a company with all information readily on hand might take 30 minutes. Compiling a work pack for a difficult, involved job, even with all information on hand, could take two shifts and more.

That’s the best way to be fair and reasonable about what your Planners can achieve right now.

And remember—once a work pack is developed it goes into a library to be withdrawn again the next time the job needs to be done. It takes a comparatively long time to develop the first work pack (measured in hours), but on its subsequent uses the time taken to put the work pack into service will be measured in minutes. Where the one work pack can be used on many assets, e.g. electric motors, pumps, compressors, turbines, instruments, etc., then you reuse that work pack every where possible and thereby save hours of Planner’s work creating a near identical work pack for the same maintenance job done in a different place. Developing effective, comprehensive work packs is an investment in creating many future successes. It is not a cost or time loss to your organization to do top class maintenance planning.

All the very best to you,

Mike Sondalini
LRS Consultants Global

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