Fix Your Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance Systems

The CEO, Executive, Manager, and Engineer Who Wants to Fix Their Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance Systems So They Get World Class Reliability and Profits

What are the strategies and solutions that get world class plant and equipment reliability? The free 299-page Plant and Equipment Wellness book and 14 hours of free videos explain how a PWW life cycle system-of-reliability secures world class reliable operating assets and gives you control over operating risks, costs, time, productivity, quality, and profits


The vital knowledge, methods, and expertise that makes operating assets world class reliable and outstandingly productive can now be quickly built into any Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Operations, and Maintenance system. There’s a simple approach that makes your plant and equipment performance world class reliable and secures utmost operating profits day after day. It creates a “system-of-reliability” that gets control of reliability, risks, costs, time, productivity, quality, and profit margins to ensure world class profitable operating assets.

That is the purpose of Plant Wellness Way EAM — it puts all the right knowledge and the most effective methods into your organisation and GETS CONTROL OVER THE ENTIRE ASSET LIFE CYCLE AND FUTURE OPERATING PROFITS. Click this link to overview how to get Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness with Plant Wellness Way EAM.

You’re welcome to download the free 299-page Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF book with the basic information and the foundational Plant Wellness Way methodology that is key to getting world class reliability. There is also an accompanying free set of 20 educational videos you can watch. They explain the vital concepts of why and how to design, build and embed a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability when you want to guarantee world class operating and maintenance success. A new book that fully details the whole PWW EAM methodology is now available. It’s written so you can implement PWW EAM step by step and get world class reliability and profits in the fastest way with least effort and cost. You can get Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: Life Cycle Enterprise Asset Management for World Class Reliability at Industrial Press and Amazon Books.

We give away the 299-page Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF book and the 20 explanatory videos full of right knowledge and know-how for free because we want to partner with organizations that want world class reliability performance and the new fortunes it brings. We believe giving free access to everything you want to know about how we help partnering organizations get world class reliability success is the right way to start an honest and transparent partnership.

Download a free PDF copy of the 299-page Plant and Equipment Wellness book for yourself by clicking on this link to get the free Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF book with templates. You’ll find the book has three sections—the first is a simple introduction to 8 key foundational reliability concepts; the second section covers the 6 processes used to design and build a system-of-reliability—including examples of using the templates; the third section addresses successful implementation in the workplace and continual improvement.

For a sound understanding of the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology you will want to see all 20 videos with 14 hours of explanatory PWWEAM training. The videos follow the book—the 8 foundational reliability concepts are first, then the 6 processes used to build a PWW EAM system-of-reliability, finishing with the 6 videos on workplace implementation. Simply follow this link to request all Plant and Equipment Wellness Way EAM videos.

Go ahead and download the free book and free videos and discover how to get world class reliability the Plant Wellness Way. You’re welcome to ask any questions you have on using PWWEAM to make your company a world class reliability success story. Email us, or complete the secure form on the Contact Us page.

When you want to guarantee you’ll get world class reliable operating assets, then let’s partner up and take your organization to the pinnacle of world class reliability and operating profits the fastest way.