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Reliability Engineering and Reliability Management for Operating Plant Training Course Workshop PowerPoint PresentationReliability Engineering and Plant Reliability Management for Operating Plant Presentations and Materials

Applied reliability engineering training course content with 279 slides, includes Excel maintenance optimization models, reliability forecast models, solved real workplace examples and answers

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Root Cause Failure Analysis Training Course PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Root Cause Failure Analysis RCFA Two-Day Training Course PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Two-Day RCFA Training Course Presentation with 131 Color PowerPoint PPT slides, Eight (8) RCFA Training Team Activities (two with videos) and a 67 Page Workbook

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The Lifetime Reliability Solutions Operating Plant Applied Reliability Improvement Team Training CourseEquipment Reliability Improvement Training for Operating Plant Reliability Improvement Teams

With 471 Powerpoint slides covering ten plant and equipment reliability improvement training topics. Includes course book, plus Change to Win reliability improvement team book, plus dozens of free equipment training fliers, and a sample in-house 2-day reliability improvement course

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Reliability Analysis and Reliability Prediction Modelling Excel Software

You can create ‘what-if’ scenarios to select optimal condition monitoring frequency; select the best equipment maintenance overhaul frequency; decide to refurbish or replace equipment; do a basic Weibull probability model of your maintenance history failure data to set maintenance PM frequency; and track your reliability improvement initiatives on a spreadsheet graph.


Condition Maintenance Inspection Interval Optimization Modelling ToolCondition Maintenance Inspection Interval Optimization Modelling Tool

An MS Excel Spreadsheet for selecting optimal equipment condition monitoring intervals that minimise maintenance costs and the number of equipment failures

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Maintenance Overhaul, Refurbishment and Restoration Interval Optimization Modelling ToolMaintenance Overhaul and Restoration Interval Optimization Modelling Tool

An MS Excel Spreadsheet for selecting preventive maintenance strategy and overhaul intervals that minimise operating life maintenance costs and the number of equipment failures

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Plant and Equipment Replacement Decision Modelling Tool

Plant and Equipment Replacement Decision Modelling Tool

An MS Excel Spreadsheet for Weibull modelling equipment replacement intervals that minimise both maintenance costs and the number of equipment failures

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How to Use an MS Excel Spreadsheet to Plot Reliability Growth Guidebook
Reliability Growth Curve Plotting using Excel Spreadsheet Guidebook

An MS Excel Spreadsheet for modelling equipment and system reliability growth from past failure history on a Crow/AMSAA plot graph

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Weibull Probability Distibution Excel Model SpreadsheetWeibull Failure Probability Distribution Plot Modelling Excel Spreadsheet

An MS Excel Spreadsheet for modelling the probability of equipment failures based on its past failure history using a Weibull distribution plot

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All Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Industrial Machinery Maintenance Training Course PowerPoint PPT

All Machinery Maintenance Training Course PPT PowerPoint Presentations

A total of 1358 Powerpoint slides from four mechanical equipment and machinery maintenance training courses, including all associated course workbooks. Also included are PDF Books covering best-practice equipment maintenance and maintenance procedure writing. Plus over 50 free bonus single point lesson flyers.

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The Applied Reliability Improvement Training Course Applied Reliability Engineering Training courseApplied Reliability Improvement Training Course by Online Distance Education Modules 1 to 10

Join a structured, human-tutored reliability training course full of reliability engineering solutions, methods, tools and skills to improve plant and equipment reliability in industrial operations

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Online Physics-of-Failure FMEA Training Course from Plant Wellness Way EAM MethodologyOnline Failure Mode Effects Analysis FMEA Training Course based on Physics-of-Failure Science

This modern FMEA online distance education training course uses Physics-of-Failure principles for proactively identifying components and equipment at risk of failure and breakdown. You learn a simple, practical, transportable POF-FMEA technique that works for everyone

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FMECA PPT Presentation and Training Course MaterialsComprehensive and Professional FMECA PPT Training Presentation and Course Materials

In the FMECA Pack you get two FMECA presentations developed by professionals along with examples, case studies, templates and information that fully explains the FMECA process

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Curso Online de Confiabilidade Aplicada a Operação de Plantas e Melhoria na Confiabilidade dos Equipamentos composto por Módulos de 1 a 10Curso Online de Confiabilidade Aplicada Módulo 1 a 10

Cada módulo do curso online de confiabilidade aplicada vem para você como um arquivo zip contendo uma apresentação em Powerpoint. O conteúdo de cada módulo cobre os tópicos de confiabilidade e as tarefas que você precisa concluir e enviar ao seu Tutor. O Módulo 1 inclui a pasta de trabalho do curso contendo exemplos de tarefas, atividades de treinamento de confiabilidade e informações extras para ler sobre a melhoria da confiabilidade

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Reliability Engineering Training Course for BeginnersReliability Engineering Training: A Beginners Course by Online Distance Education

For people who want to start learning Reliability Engineering and basic reliability analysis. Master foundational concepts and methods, the fundamental failure investigation techniques, and the effective workplace improvement solutions used in Reliability Engineering. The course has a broad coverage of Reliability Engineering and its methodologies without getting drowned in high-level reliability math. Prices for modules vary depending on training content and number of assignments

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Reliability Engineering handbook for the new site Reliability EngineerThe Complete Reliability Engineering Training for Beginners PowerPoint Slides, Course Materials and Handbooks

Get the complete Reliability Engineering Training: A Beginner’s Course Modules 1, 2 and 3 PowerPoint presentations, materials, including Reliability Engineering handbooks, spreadsheets, and modelling software. Download everything that is in the course and use it to learn the basics of reliability engineering and to do fundamental reliability analysis of failures in your operation and on your plant and equipment

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Get the Latest Versions at the Reliability Engineering Store

The store has training products for reliability engineering courses and equipment root cause failure prevention. There are Excel reliability analysis and modeling tools for maintenance optimization, industrial plant reliability management and equipment reliability improvement.

The titles you get at the Reliability Engineering Store are always the very latest versions of our world-class asset maintenance and reliability improvement education and reliability training materials. Products are continually improved and updated with the latest learning and content. Others sell older versions but here you get only the most current materials.


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Because it is unknowable how reliability modeling applications will be used, their Developer and Lifetime Reliability Solutions take no responsibility for correctly modelling the situation, or for the outcomes of using an application.

It is recommended that you well understand the theory behind the application you use, so you can confidently judge whether it applies to the situation under investigation and if its output is sufficiently accurate in the circumstances. Remember the warning that applies to all reliability modelling methods — ‘garbage in, garbage out’.


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