Plant and Equipment Wellness Way Charleston Course Videos

Here are all the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way videos of the PowerPoint slides explaining the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology

We put the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way videos presented at the 2011 Charleston course free online for everyone to use because we wanted people to have the right information, knowledge and explanations you need to understand when you want to get world class asset management, maintenance and reliability success.

These Plant and Equipment Wellness Way videos cover twenty topics that take you from the science behind machinery failure, through to designing and building powerful and successful processes that are certain to bring reliability, and end with the effective and practical way to embed world class plant and equipment reliability into organizational habits.

Use our free Plant and Equipment Wellness Way videos to educate yourself and your people in the fundamentals, insights and understandings needed to safely and quickly take your organization and its operating sites up the climb to the pinnacle of world class plant and equipment reliability performance and results.

    Foundational Concepts

  1. Session 01: Physics of Failure Explained
  2. Session 02: Reliability Explained
  3. Session 03: Operating Equipment Risk Explained
  4. Session 04: Cost of Failure Explained
  5. Session 05: Series System Arrangements Explained
  6. Session 06: Human Error Mistakes Explained
  7. Session 07: Asset Life Cycle Explained
  8. Session 08: Equipment Reliability Improvement Explained
  9. Plant Wellness Way EAM Processes

  10. Session 09: Business Risk Identification
  11. Session 10: Risk Rating for Equipment Criticality
  12. Session 11: Risk Controls Planning and Selection
  13. Session 12: Risk Control Introduction
  14. Session 13: Risk Monitoring and Control
  15. Session 14: Continual Risk Elimination
  16. Embed a System-of-Reliability

  17. Session 15: Business Risk Reduction
  18. Session 16: Stress-to-Process EAM Model
  19. Session 17: Life Cycle Risk Reduction
  20. Session 18: Operational Risk Reduction
  21. Session 19: Machinery Risk Reduction
  22. Session 20: Making Organizational Changes