Plant and Equipment Wellness EAM Training Course Videos Session 16: Stress to Process EAM Model

The Stress to Process EAM model coupled with Physics of Failure Reliability Strategy selection are used for life cycle process designing in Plant Wellness Way EAM

At a Plant Wellness Way site each business process is designed and built to produce outstanding equipment reliability based on the Stress to Process EAM model


The Stress to Process EAM Model is the core concept in the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology from which all its proactive life cycle asset management strategies and solutions derive,


PEW/PWW EAM Course Day 3 – Reliability Creation Session 16 – Stress to Process EAM Model
Duration 1:09

Plant Wellness EAM ‘Component Stress to Business Process’ Asset Management Model
Duration 6:09

PWWEAM Risk Reduction Selection for Plant and Machines and Then Making Them Standard Practice
Duration 3:18

Typical Reliability Improvement ‘Wheel’ Process | Typical Reliability Improvement Model | Typical Business Changes to Create Reliability
Duration 3:12

Duration 0:55

An organisation is a collection of people, plant and equipment and concepts that work together in business systems to deliver the organisation’s mission. The success of the organisation is related to how cost effectively it can operate. The lower its cost of production the more competitive its products and hence, hopefully, the more it sells and profits.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the business system concerned with running plant and equipment efficiently and effectively. When done well it produces a range of benefits for the organisation. Many of these are shown under the Plant Wellness ‘umbrella’. Plant Wellness has exactly the same connotation as ‘human wellness’; look after your physical body and you will have a long, healthy, problem free life!

Achieving Plant Wellness is the purpose of EAM. Because with plant in good health and fit to operate, it is more likely that the business aims will be achieved, than if the plant was not kept in good condition.

PWW Behaviors Fast Track Business Changes
Duration 4:24

DuPont recognised the interactions and connectivity present in their operations and realised that the domains were stable because they were a system. If plants were to move from one domain to a higher one there would need to be system-wide changes done together. Hence the changes/solutions required needed to incorporate systems thinking so the entire system would stabilise at higher level of performance.

“Every business is a stable ‘system’ containing interacting and interdependent elements which must be taken into account when changing any part of it. Hence, to improve equipment uptime we must improve engineering, operations and maintenance together, since working on one alone cannot change ‘the system’ performance.”


The Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness Book explains the Plant Wellness Way EAM stress to process EAM model


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