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Get trained in world class Plant and Equipment Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management by online distance education

Leading-edge, world-class, hugely insightful EAM training for the asset manager who wants to be the best of the best at enterprise asset management

You learn the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to get amazing life-cycle asset management strategy and solutions for outstanding equipment reliability, sensational Uptime and remarkable ROI



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If you want to be an exceptionally successful enterprise asset manager you need to do an exceptional asset management course. You’ll want to learn and use the most successful of all lifecycle asset management methodologies and techniques.

In that case, join the other asset management leaders around the world doing the Plant and Equipment Wellness enterprise asset management course online.

The Plant Wellness Way asset management training course teaches you highly successful life-cycle asset management methods, best-of-breed reliability strategy and world class maintenance by online distance education. You work with a human Tutor who is a world class asset manager and maintenance practitioner. They willing pass you their know-how and experience so you learn all what you need to know to excel as an asset manager. They review your assignments and final project and explain any important details you still need to master.

The course is divided into three modules: 1) Reliability Foundations, 2) Designing Enterprise Asset Management Processes, and 3) Plant Reliability Creation and Reliability Management. Each module includes all the vitally important topics world class asset managers must know and do.

The online asset management course has a total of twenty (20) key topics. You receive PowerPoint slides covering each asset management course topic. In the first download you get Module 1 Topic 1 presentation PowerPoint slides, a course book, plus a range of operational risk management, reliability and maintenance training materials to read. You also get free access to 20 videos totalling some 14 hours of professionally filmed presentations covering all the important life-cycle asset management, maintenance and reliability training content in the Plant and Equipment Wellness methodoogy.

Download a PDF document overviewing the EAM training course topics by using this link, Plant Wellness Way asset maintenance course online training content.

After joining the Plant Wellness Way Asset Management Course you get an email with a web-link to download the first topic’s PowerPoint slides. To see the first 24 sample screens from Modules 1, 2 and 3 presentations you can download a PDF document of sample Plant Wellness Way Asset Management Online Course PowerPoint Slides.

The course book contains assignment details, examples and interesting reading materials. Download a PDF document of the course book contents from Plant Wellness Way Asset Management Course Workbook Content Page.

Preview of the training videos you use at View the Plant and Equipment Wellness Asset Management Training Videos.

You must submit and pass all assignments in each topic. At the end of the EAM training course modules you do a practical, worthwhile asset management project based on using the ISO 55000 asset management standard. Once you deliver a successful project you pass the course and get your enterprise asset management certification from Lifetime Reliability Institute.

The certificate you get after completing all twenty EAM training topics and the asset management project related to the ISO 55001 asset management standard makes you a Lifetime Reliability Certified Plant Wellness Way Practitioner.

You get each EAM training topic from our online store. Each online asset management course topic is $99.99 to download. You do the whole enterprise asset management course for under $2,000. Online purchases are paid via PayPal with a MasterCard, Visa or AmEx credit card. Once you make payment you are emailed the topic’s download link. You have 24 hours to download the file after purchase.

Start the asset management online course with Module 1 Topic 1 purchased from our online store by following this link to the Plant Wellness Way Life Cycle Asset Management Course Online.


Why Plant Wellness Way Asset Management Course Online?


PEW-PWW is a scientifically provable life-cycle asset management methodology for delivering world class plant and equipment reliability.

PEW-PWW is used by companies to satisfy the ISO 55001 asset management standard more effectively than by any other approach now available. There are big time and costs savings in using PEW-PWW to prepare for ISO 55001 certification. An even greater benefit gained for those who use the Plant and Equipment Wellness enterprise asset management methodology are the many better solutions they discover for high equipment reliability and amazing plant uptime improvement.

When you do the Plant and Equipment Wellness enterprise asset management course online you learn to do a PEW-PWW asset management analysis and build a world class asset management system fully complying with ISO 55000 requirements. You also learn how to apply PEW-PWW as your operational and maintenance improvement strategy.

There is plenty of information explaining Plant and Equipment Wellness on this website. For an overview go to webpage Plant Wellness Way Asset Management Methodology. To see how you can use the Plant Wellness Way to improve business performance see webpage Business System Analysis the Plant Wellness Way.

Get even more information about the online asset management training course at Plant Wellness Way Asset Management Online Course.

Start your world class asset manager training and education today. It’s critical to your asset management career development that you know the best solutions and techniques to save companies much trouble and make them fortunes in the coming years. Get the knowledge, methods and skills to take companies to ISO 55001 asset management certification. Know the answers that secure your position as a world class professional asset manager.

You will be on the way to becoming a remarkable asset management professional once you complete this online asset manager training course. With this asset management course online you learn to use the Plant Wellness Way asset management methodology in its full details. You will know how to develop and deliver world class asset management strategy and solutions.

Your asset management related decisions and suggestions will be truly effective in delivering sure reliability, maintenance and operational excellence improvements.

Your future in an asset manager career gains a great chance of florishing quickly when you complete this online EAM training course. You will stand-out from your competition because you will know how to get maximum benefit from a company’s physical assets and infrastructure.

You’ll know how to take any company to higher operating profits by designing and creating profit centred maintenance and maximizing reliability in an operation so it can successfully get optimal production performance.

Your Plant Wellness Way asset management online training and education will help you reduce operating risks, deliver greater profit margins, produce new answers to get high productivity and prevent disasters and harm. This EAM training makes you a highly valuable asset manager. It helps secure your asset manager role and gains you more career opportunties because you know how to make the company’s future more profitable and successful.

Get answers to your questions and more information on this enterprise asset management online course by emailing your queries to us. Our contact details are at the Contact Us information webpage.


All the best to you and your asset manager career,

Mike Sondalini
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