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These EAM training and maintenance management training videos are full of valuable and correct information drawn from our wide range of world class maintenance management courses.

They give you the right foundations and the best practise knowledge you need to make serious improvements in your enterprise asset management and maintenance management performance.

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    Read about the twenty videos in the 3-days of free EAM Training and Asset Maintenance Management Training Courses Tapes:

    See the Free Plant Wellness Way Charleston Videos: 14 hours of EAM training and maintenance management training videos explaining the PWW Enterprise Asset Management Methodology


    Day 1: Foundations

    1. Physics of Failure: There is science and engineering reason to every failure. Once you know the science of a failure event you also know the answers that will prevent it.
    2. Reliability: The probability of a successful outcome is reliability. If it is machine reliability that you want you must know how equipment reliability is caused and how it is lost.
    3. Operational Risk: Risk = Consequence x [Frequency of Opportunity to Fail x Chance of Failure at Each Opportunity] Great reliability comes from reducing Chance and Opportunity.
    4. Cost of Failure: The business always pays for every thing that goes wrong. You need to know the full defect and failure total cost of an event so you know how much profit disappeared.
    5. Series Arrangements: Every item of plant is a series arrangement of parts, every business process is a series of tasks, every task is a chain of actions. Failure can happen anywhere.
    6. Human Error: People are imperfect—we get fatigued, we misread, we lose attention. Human error is inevitable; yet we must prevent it with powerful strategies and tools.
    7. Life Cycle: Physical asset reliability depends on its past. Your reliability today is the result of past practices used and company-wide decisions made over its whole lifetime.
    8. Reliability Improvement: “Reliability is malleable by choice of policy and quality of practice.” Reliability is in your control when you do the right things in the right ways.

    Day 2: The Six PWW Processes: (We call them collectively ‘IONICS’)

    1. IDENTIFY – Risk Identification: Measure the total risk to your business of operational equipment failure so that you know what fortunes your business loses each time the plant breaks.
    2. ORDER – Risk Selection: Risk and reliability are inversely connected. If you want high reliability you must have low risk—which risks will you accept and which risks will you stop?
    3. NUMERATE – Risk Control Planning: Select the risk reduction strategies and the activities that you will do to create high reliability in each of your plant and equipment.
    4. INTRODUCE – Risk Control Introduction: Implement the strategy, do the practical actions and introduce the skills that cause reliability to your plant and machinery
    5. CONTROL – Risk Monitoring: Measure that what needs to be done to produce reliability is being done at the right time and it is done in the right way so reliability growth results.
    6. SYNTHESIZE – Risk Elimination: Build a ‘learning organisation’ that knows how to create reliability; that has knowledge and skills to eliminate the defects and causes that become future failures.

    Day 3: Reliability Creation

    1. Business Risk Reduction: You are building a business that will secure your future. When you look at the plant and equipment ‘see’ the business risks that you need to control and prevent.
    2. Stress to Process Model: PWW makes you start with the components in your assets and guides you to build robust, simple, effective lifecycle business processes to create reliability.
    3. Life Cycle Risk Reduction: Outstanding reliability starts on the drawing board and you must have the methods and discipline to find future problems and proactively prevent them.
    4. Operational Risk Reduction: During operation your plant and machinery reliability is improved and protected by previously removing the risks to their health and well-being.
    5. Machinery Risk Reduction: PWW focuses on removing and preventing stress in equipments’ parts. Remove the chance of parts’ failure and your equipment reliability goes sky-high.
    6. Making Changes: You need to win your people over to doing maintenance and operations differently. There are ways to do Change Management well.


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