Online Maintenance Planner Course for Those Who Want to be a Top-Class Maintenance Planner

Online Maintenance Planner Course Live Webinar Series

Fully Tutored, Assessed, and Certificated Maintenance Planner Training Course

Learn to Be a Top-Class Maintenance Planner and Do What They Do in this Key Fundamentals of Maintenance Planning and the Maintenance Planner Role Online Course

Attend 7 Modules Delivered Over 7 Weeks in Weekly 2-Hour Webinars with Professional Tutoring, Assessment, and Certification


This online maintenance planner course is incredibly useful and valuable to people doing roles and duties related to Maintenance Planner, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Coordinator, Shutdown or Turnaround Planner, Maintenance Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Team Leader, and like positions.

The ‘Key Fundamentals of Maintenance Planning and the Maintenance Planner Role Online Course’ is for those people who want to become a top-class Maintenance Planner. You are taught what a top-class maintenance planner knows is vitally important to do and how to properly do them.

You learn to build a powerful maintenance planning process and do all the important tasks in it that the Maintenance Planner is responsible to complete.

Your learning includes how to compose an effective maintenance job plan and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the work orders you build.  Through detailed scope-out of the work from start to completion, by thorough task assessment, and doing in-depth job risk analysis your efforts mean work is done safely, and technicians, parts, materials and outside services are used most efficiently and successfully.

You will learn to compile a comprehensive and complete work pack that fully addresses the safety, technical, work quality, parts and materials, and all other support needs of the maintainers. You will help them do great work that gets the plant and equipment outstandingly reliable and safe to use.

Teaching is delivered via a two-hour live-streamed webinar each week for seven weeks in which the presenter explains the week’s course module content, works through an example, and answers student questions. If you want full certification you also join a weekly tutorial and complete the weekly assignment.

Download the 6-page PDF Online Maintenance Planner Course Information Flier to get the training content details, the next training dates, the course costs, and the registration form to join the online course.

Choose from Two Levels of Training Engagement

There are two maintenance planner training options to choose from, each with its own course fee.

Level 1 – Attend All Training Webinars

Training Attendance Level, where each week for seven weeks you attend the 2-hour long, live-streamed training webinar to learn the course contents, see a worked example, and have a question and answer (Q&A) session.

The cost for all live-streamed webinars, all training materials and documented information in PDF, and Certificate of Attendance (PDF) is USD $697 per student.

The main perquisite for the Training Attendance Level course is to allocate the time to attend the 2-hour live-streamed webinar presented each week. You also need sound English speaking and reading ability, and a good understanding of doing maintenance jobs on operating plant and equipment.

Level 2 – Attend All Training and Tutorial Webinars, and Do All Assignments to Get Certification

Tutored and Certified Level, where each week for seven weeks you attend the live-streamed training webinar and its Q&A session. You do each module’s assignment and submit it to the course tutor for review and feedback. Tutored students join a live-streamed, 30-minute, weekly group tutorial with the course tutor and other students held two days after the training webinar. Upon successfully completing all course work you get a Certificate of Attainment confirming your wonderful accomplishment. Certification is assessed by world class maintenance management professionals to top-class maintenance planner standards.

The cost for the 7 live-streamed webinars, 7 online tutorials, all training materials and documented information in PDF, all professional tutor coaching, assignment assessment and feedback, and a Certificate of Attainment (PDF) is USD $1,394 per student.

Perquisites to do the Tutored and Certified Level course are to allocate time each week to attend the live-streamed webinar, join the online tutorial, and submit the weekly assignment. Assignments take from four hours, and up to six hours, to do. That totals up to 8-1/2 hours each week that you need to devote to successfully complete the maintenance planner course and become a certified maintenance planner. You also need sound English speaking, reading, and writing ability, a good understanding of doing maintenance jobs on operating plant and equipment, access to engineering and technical information about the physical assets in your operation, and an appreciation of the supply chain processes used by your organisation.

Testimonials to the Success of the Online Training Course 

Kudos to Your Online Training Course and Program

“Hope this email meets you well. I just want to commend your online learning program—so far it’s the best, I must say. I love your style of one on one mentor-ship, communication and guidance throughout the program. Your responses and materials are excellent. Please keep it up!

I tried an online learning platform, and will say yours is still the best out there.


Adole A. | CCI-Growthcon | Nigeria

Testimonial from an Online Training Course Graduate

“I really would like to appreciate your course’s level, which I did not expect from an online course with interaction and assignment submissions to a tutor. I have done many online courses, but your methodology is amazing.

Best wishes,”

Torki I. | MSc Mechanical Engineering | Saudi Arabia

Great Value from Online Training Course

“Thanks for the online training, which has added value to my career and will continue to make changes to my professional life.

Let me tell you wholeheartedly that you are here to transform a person’s mind set to be really practical and specialized. Most trainers (of online training courses) are looking for money as their benefit and do not really assist the Trainees. But your charge (payment) for the course delivers outcomes of a trained person who is a professional. To this end, please keep it up.”

Frank Mwamwaja | Heavy Machine Equipment Planner | Acacia Mining | Tanzania

Online Maintenance Planner Training Course Webinar Dates and Times

A live-streamed webinar of up to two hours duration is presented weekly until the course is completed. The training presentation materials are presented first, followed by an explanation of a worked example, and concluding with a question and answer session. A brief explanation of the week’s assignment is also provided for students doing the Tutored and Certified Level training.

Download the PDF Online Maintenance Planner Course Information Flier and get the dates and times for the next online maintenance planner training course webinar and tutorial series.

Maintenance Planner Course Registration Form and Payment Details

First, register for the course by completing the registration form and emailing a copy to us. We will send you an email conformation that there is space for you to join the course. Once you place is confirmed you make payment by electronic funds transfer to the designated bank account, or pay by credit card via a PayPal account, or use Western Union to transfer moneys to the designated bank account.

Download the PDF Online Maintenance Planner Course Information Flier and complete the registration form to book onto the next online maintenance planner training course.