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Lean Management success is easier to master with practical examples and advice on good Lean methods to improve any business process

Operational Excellence can be achieved in a few different ways. Lean management is a popular way to achieve Lean Production.

Here is some advice and a few warnings when you chose to use Lean Management to improve a business process and process performance.



What we now call ‘Lean Management’ started its life in Japan as the ‘Totota Production System’. The success of the Toyota Production System in making Toyota renowned world-wide as a high quality, low cost manufacturer has driven the rest of the world to want to understand how they became so successful. The concepts of ‘lean manufacturing’ and ‘lean management’ is now part of the international business vocabulary and companies all around the world strive to gain the benefits of Lean practices.

If you want success with Lean implementation and make a full Lean transformation you need to capture your people’s ‘minds and hearts’ with the philosophies of Lean. You can introduce the right Lean tools and the right Lean practices yet never become a Lean company. Lean methodologies need to be adopted at the ‘shopfloor’ by the people on the shopfloor. Management may introduce Lean tools and methods but it is the practices of the people in the operation that must become ‘lean’.

The tutorials and documents listed below aim to help you gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of what needs to be done in your operation if it is to become a Lean business with a successful Lean mindset in its management and its people.

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Lean Techniques and Tools to Identify, Analyse and Solve Business, Operations and Maintenance Process Problems



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