The Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management Methodology for World Class Maintenance and Reliability Excellence

Plant Wellness Way EAM creates an EAM system-of-reliability to ensure world class reliable operating asset and least maintenance costs

The tutorials and presentation slides listed below introduce and explain aspects of Plant and Equipment Wellness Way EAM methodology, tools and techniques to get outstanding plant and equipment reliability

Plant Wellness Way EAM (PWWEAM) is a straight-forward, coherent and complete EAM methodology to get utmost reliability from facilities, equipment, and infrastructure


Plant and Equipment Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management is a holistic, proactive, life cycle asset management methodology to build the processes, people, capital, and culture for world class operational excellence performance. These tutorials and articles explain how to use Plant Wellness Way EAM to find and deliver the right strategies and activities needed for outstanding Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Reliability results.

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Techniques, Tools and Practices of Plant Wellness Way EAM to Operational Excellence and World Class Maintenance Performance




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The Day 1 videos are highly educational and provide a state-of-the-art understanding of what causes world class reliability and enterprise asset management success.

Day 2 and Day 3 contain the methods and explain exactly how you use the Plant Wellness Way to turn your company into a world class operation.

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You can also see 8 free short films on the Plant Wellness Way. These videos are only a few minutes long and give you the flavour of how PWW brings you lasting reliability and operational excellence success.


Find out more about the Plant Wellness asset management methodology with our training PowerPoint presentations on the 6-step Plant Wellness IONICS process that you can purchase online at Operational Excellence the Plant Wellness Way.

The full and complete PWWEAM methodology is a universal, standarised methodology applicable to every business. We license it to Consultants to use with their clients. Licensed Consultants can also license it to individual operating sites. This makes sure that sites have the support they need to create Plant Wellness in their operation. Follow this link to Plant Wellness Way EAM Licensing information to know how to get a license to use the methodology.


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Plant and Equipment Wellness Free PDF Book and learn about Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology


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